decorate small home balcony
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How To Decorate small balcony 2020

decorate small home balcony

Living in an apartment has its disadvantages and one of them is having small balcony. Decorating a small balcony is a challange to make that small space ideal for relaxation and recreation. Balcony is a place to rest from the monotony from your day to day. We will give some tips and ideas to decorate a small balcony and create a personal space easily. Without a doubt, invest time to improve your little balcony.

decorate small lighting balcony

Tips for decorating small balcony

When it comes to decorating small spaces, the proportion, the relationship between space and the size of objects or furniture, is important to consider. In this case, it is essential that the furniture you want to place on your small balcony has adequate size. If space is really very small, then small furniture works much better for decoration.

decorate simple small balcony

Consider adding textiles, such as carpet, cushions or maybe even a blanket. And of course, something fundamental is lighting. Adequate lighting is essential for any space to look and feel cozy. There are really many ways you can include your personal touch to create and decorate a small balcony.

decorate light small balcony

Light it properly

The easiest and fastest way to give life to any space in your home is undoubtedly lighting. You can choose to light your small balcony in different ways. There are candles, which are undoubtedly perfect for sharing a romantic night. But the solar string lights can also give a lighting and a magical glow.

decorate balcony small candles

And better yet, if your little balcony is open, these lights shouldn’t be turned off by the wind. Opting for these solar string lights will also provide a grain of sand to preserve the environment. Since you won’t need electricity since these are powered by the Sun. You can also get them in different styles, from small lights to globe lamps.

decorate small relaxing balcony

Pretend to have a campfire

In most of the apartments, it isn’t allowed to make fires or have fireplaces at home for several reasons. But you can always recreate a campfire with fake fire and have that unique and relaxing feeling that campfires grant. If you want to try, you just have to wrap the string lights around a package of decorative wood and go. It really is very easy and creates an intimate and relaxing environment.

decorate balcony small fire pit

Consider candle lanterns

Candle lanterns as part of the decoration, attract a lot of attention. Both inside and outside the home. And obviously, due to the glass panels of the lanterns, the wind won’t extinguish the candle flame. You could place the lanterns hanging on the ceiling, on the floor or on a small table. Now, if you have a small closed balcony you can also consider the candlesticks. These would be perfect to give an elegant touch to the decoration of your balcony.

decorate balcony small sofa

Create a slightly more private space

If you want a little more privacy and not have the eyes of your neighbors. You can make a screen on your balcony. You could place bamboo sticks, which come in different sizes. A balcony screen will give you a little more privacy and intimacy.

decorate small screen balcony

Like the screens, you could also think of hanging woven, transparent or lace curtains around your small balcony. With this, you will also have some privacy and you can escape a little from the world around you. The bars for exterior curtains placed on the wall are the best option. Since when properly installed, they can prevent the curtains from flying and causing some type of injury to people who are nearby.

decorate natural small balcony

Add potted plants

Several flowerpots with flower plants will immediately change the appearance of your small balcony and without having to invest a lot of money. You could not just place the pots on the floor. But you could also hang them on the wall as a different and striking decoration.

decorate balcony small flower pots colors

Create a different wall

Create a decorative wall, it really is very easy. You could paint it or just add pictures. You can also think of shelves with ornaments or similarly create a vertical garden.

decorate balcony small furniture

Choose appropriate seats

Of course, if you are thinking of decorating your small balcony, it is to be able to relax and rest whenever you want. So you should take into account to incorporate comfortable seats and of course weatherproof. A Benches or sunbeds would be ideal for such a space. Of course, if your balcony is closed then you can think of a small sofa or hanging chairs, among others.

decorate balcony small blankets

Of course, if you don’t have enough space to include outdoor furniture, you can choose to place different but equally comfortable and very personalized seats. Place large cushions on the floor. These cushions made with weather-resistant fabric and placed on the floor are easy to find. It is something different and functional, you could even add an eclectic look.

decorate balcony small items

Don’t forget the floor

Believe it or not, the floor of your small balcony is an essential part of the decoration. And there are many ways you can change its appearance if So you want it You can opt for the beautiful wooden floor or for a carpet of artificial grass. You can even choose too different textures, such as wooden decks with decorative stones. You can hide the concrete of your floor with interlocking roof tiles, it’s very easy to install and too Quiet whenever you want.

decorate small lawn lawn

The grass fake is very good option to have a different floor and at the same time resistant to outdoor. It is easy to buy at home stores. Another good option Y too economic, They are the carpets. With just adding a simple but pretty rug to your little boy’s floor balcony you can make that space very cozy and it allows you if So you want, add color to through of the carpet

decorate minimalist small balcony

It includes the birds

If you are one of the people who love beautiful birds, you can add a bird feeder on your balcony. It is a great way to invite your beautiful and feathered friends to your space. Depending on each one, this is a way to bring your balcony to life, with the birdies squeaking and tweets. And it will undoubtedly be a delight for you that you love these cute little animals. You just have to think very well and place the feeder in a place where you can prevent the visit of your feathered friends don’t dirty your floor with their feces.

decorate balcony small birds

Decorate small balcony with patterns and textures

Obviously, when decorating your small balcony you will want it to feel as striking and cozy as any room inside your home. Well, this is where you could choose to pile up textiles. Placing various padded elements made of outdoor fabrics, such as patterned carpets and plush cushions, will make your small balcony undoubtedly very comfortable.

decorate small wicker balcony

To create a bohemian space, mix patterns, and different textures. So that you can create that perfect environment and that doesn’t affect your budget so much, you could opt for elements that are functional and at the same time give that touch of beauty and charm you want. Without a doubt, the pillows create a quite comfortable, relaxed and homely atmosphere. By incorporating pillows or cushions to your chairs or benches, it won’t only make them look and feel more comfortable. But it will also make the space much more attractive.

decorate small balcony floor cushions

A space for outdoor dining

Surely you will be wondering how to organize a small dinner in such a small space? Well, it really is very easy. The perfect solution is an outdoor countertop and weather-resistant bar stools. This makes outdoor dining in a small space possible.

decorate balcony small bar dinner

Create a fake garden

If you are one of the people who like to admire the plants but you don’t have much time to attend them, then you can choose to create an artificial garden. Today, plastic plants look quite realistic. And fortunately in the market there are many imitation options such as tall grass. There are also potted trees and ivy bars that will entangle your outdoor decoration. And at the same time it will also give a little privacy to your small balcony.

decorate small comfortable balcony

Hammocks for your balcony

Surely when deciding to decorate your small balcony it crossed your mind to relax by taking a nap in that space. And what better way to place a hammock to rest, have a great time and sleep.

decorate balcony small hammocks

A small bar on your balcony

Incorporating a small bar to serve soft drinks and any other drink is very easy. Depending on the space you have, you can add a small bar on the wall or on the bars of your balcony. There are also carts, which you can store in your kitchen and when you need it, you can take it to your balcony, filled with everything you want like drinks, ice, and glasses. And when you finish your delight, again you can take it rolling to your kitchen.

decorate balcony small bar drinks

Cover yourself with the sun and the wind

If your balcony is open, it is an excellent way to receive the healthy rays of the Sun, until you get enough. Remember that taking too much sun isn’t recommended. So you could buy some items that can protect you without having to stop enjoying the outdoors. Such is the case of an umbrella or a canopy, which can block the sun’s rays a bit and make you feel more comfortable. As for the wind, a screen could work the same way.

decorate small canopy balcony

Turn your little balcony into a garden

If your balcony is really very small and you don’t have enough space to place thin chairs or any kind of furniture, then you can turn your balcony into your private garden. With many plants with colorful flowers and striking pots, you can add life to that small space in your home. Think of welded wire fences to hang herbs in pots and change the look of your balcony instantly.

decorate balcony small garden

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Turn your little one balcony in a zen area

Zen spaces have a lot of aesthetic and spiritual appeal. These spaces relieve the mind of stress and create a protective bubble to relax. This is very easy to create. Just place a shallow box and fill it with gravel or colored sand.

decorate balcony small tranquility

Add some natural stones for a truly pleasant feeling. Also, place some air plants or cactus and you will have your Zen space ready. With all these ideas to decorate a small balcony, you can make even the most compact look charming and relaxing. So don’t think about it anymore, and start transforming that little space in your home.

decorate cozy small balcony

Decorate small balcony with storage furniture to take advantage of the space. With walls covered with slats of dark wood and two small and beautiful wicker mats hanging on the wall. Combining the color of the cushions with the pot on the table.

decorate balcony small art

Placing pictures when decorating a small balcony is a small detail that makes a difference. Combining the cream, white and green colors, it makes this space very cozy and quiet.

decorate small intimate balcony

Decorate small balcony with brick wall and artificial grass gives a touch of freshness, elegance and the feeling of a wider space. With two chairs and a small round table with very simple lines.

decorate balcony small cabinet

Great cabinet for storing drinks, hanging on the wall of a small balcony. If you want to spend the afternoon in the company of friends, perfectly on your small balcony, you can have everything you need to have a pleasant time.

decorate small studio balcony

You can also decorate a small balcony to create a work area. Ideal space to concentrate and work relaxed. A small balcony not only works with plants and sofas, but you can also creatively take advantage of any space. Continue to see the images and decide what use you want to give to your small balcony.

decorate small gray balcony
decorate small romantic balcony
decorate small multipurpose balcony
decorate balcony small lollipops
decorate balcony small table chairs
decorate balcony small wooden wall
decorate balcony small grass stone
decorate balcony small stone wall
decorate balcony small carpet stripe

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