how to make creative cardboard flowers
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How to make paper flowers – 40 simple and fun projects

how to make creative cardboard flowers

If you have ever wondered how to make paper flowers you are in the right place. Paper, cardboard and some recycled materials are perfect for projects of this type. They provide excellent texture and with the right colors, they look perfect. On the other hand, crafts are of great importance in the development of children. Performing such activities with children is very entertaining. It is really worth it and children can acquire a wide range of art and craft sessions skills. Your creativity increases. While their motor skills are improved, confidence and problem-solving skills improve, and they can have a fun time together. Beyond how to make paper flowers and other crafts it is inevitable that your kitchen table becomes a disaster, but children will learn some important skills.

How to make paper flowers to decorate

how to make cardboard cardboard flowers

Paint, shine, tubes of toilet paper and everything that the imagination can achieve makes it worthwhile. Design can also be a great team activity at a children’s party. Establish a line of work where each child has to do a part of the craft. Habitating children to become a team player will prepare you with valuable skills in all walks of life. Working on an art project together with your child can help them improve their teamwork, communication and social skills in general. They will have to learn to cooperate and communicate to complete their projects. As we mentioned, activities like these help improve motor skills and teach children how to follow the instructions to complete an activity.

how to make simple cardboard flowers

The act of pasting, coloring, cutting and keeping within lines or patterns can help the development of motor skills and improve coordination in children. It may seem like something of little value but even small craft exercises like these teach your children many enormously valuable skills. We have all had many failed elaboration attempts, which ultimately teach children that it is good to try something anyway, even if it isn’t a resounding success. Art projects are a great way to teach children to try something and, potentially, even fail. Finally, don’t worry if you are not the best craftsman in the world. The best thing is that it is worth taking the time to do some projects with your children and spend memorable moments with them in the process.

how to make cardboard table flowers

How to make paper flowers or reuse items and create something new is beautiful. This first insurance project will leave our guests or who we give away without words. If you have given yourself the personal mission of reusing items in the house instead of simply adding them to a landfill. There are beverage carriers that can be used to make this lovely and unique craft. It should be taken into account that in some steps of this craft, adult supervision is required. So we must be ready to help when necessary, once this project has finished the final result will be excellent.

how to make cardboard flowers materials

These flowers are perfect to give and the chances are many. For example for teachers or as part of Mother’s Day gifts. Otherwise simply a random gift if you want to give something nice and personalized. Add a little color to your home also with this fun and simple idea that you can put on a table or corner. For this craft on how to make paper flowers, we will need the following materials: cardboard beverage carrier, cupcake liners, paper straws, buttons, and glue. As well as scissors and a paintbrush.

how to make cardboard flowers packaging
how to make cardboard flowers painting

Start by cutting the center of the cardboard drink holder. This step is a bit difficult, so it is very likely that an adult should help or complete it. Once all the cardboard centers are cut, paint the brightly colored beverage carrier parts and let them dry completely.

how to make funny cardboard flowers

While the pieces of cardboard are drying, flatten the regular cupcake liners and then fold them in half. Then fold the coverings for the third and fourth time. After this step, cut each lining a little smaller than the next. Now, open the muffin liners by folding and pressing them.

how to make cardboard flowers muffins

Now is the time to open the coverings of muffins fold and press them. Once the beverage carrier parts are completely dry, it is time to build the flowers. Start by gluing one of the regular-sized liners on the back of a beverage carrying piece. Next, glue the small size liners inside the beverage carrier parts.

To finish each center of each flower, paste a button in the center of the beverage carrying flowers. Repeat the previous steps until you have the desired amount of flowers. Once you have finished building the flower arrangements, it is time to add the stem. To join them easy in these cases. Paste a green paper straw on white or brightly colored cardboard. Then glue the flower on the paper straw.

With the glue add a couple or more flowers on the cardboard to fill the bouquet. Finally, cut the leaves of the green cupcake molds and glue them to the sides or behind the paper straws. Now our craftsmanship on how to make paper flowers is already completed, as we said is perfect for Mother’s Day or another holiday. It is on the other hand something cheap, easy and is the perfect home gift for students to take to their teachers or anyone.

Use a brush to paint around two or three flower shapes using liquid watercolors. To create an extra colorful bouquet of watercolor flowers, paint each of your flowers with a different color. After painting the flower shapes, set them aside to dry completely while continuing with the next steps.

mold-vase-customized-polka dots

Use a template to cut two paper vases in pastel color or any other of your choice. Add glue to the bottom edge and side edges of one of the vases. Then paste the other vase on top. The top and middle of the vase remain open so you can place the flowers inside in a step that we will see later.


Cut cardboard circles for construction inside each of the flowers. If you create this craft as a birthday gift or any other party you can also include a photo. Write love notes inside the cardboard circles with markers. Use a glue stick to glue the cardboard circles on the watercolor flowers. Paste lime green paper straws on the back of each of the watercolor flowers.

How to make simple paper flowers


Insert each of the watercolor flowers into the paper vase created above. Then cut a piece of white or colored ribbon that you prefer about twenty or thirty inches long to decorate. Wrap the ribbon around the vase and tie it in a bow. Cut any excess ribbon from the bow by adjusting it to a more aesthetic measure. Whether you do it as a simple handicraft of spring flowers or as a gift for any celebration, it will surely bring some colorful joy to any home at any time.


Another wonderful response to how to make paper flowers we have in the following craft. It is very effective if you have the idea of ​​wanting to add art on any wall to a room and at a very economical price. These flowers can add a different touch to a child’s room or can be used to decorate a wall at a wedding or any party. More resistant and affordable than the real ones, these paper versions can quickly become basic party products. Perfect for a photo wall, they make a big impact and are easy to do on our own. We just need a little patience. If you think about how to make paper flowers and save time is a perfect idea. It won’t be necessary to make many flowers but if it is done as a family it is more effective. Some additional hands will make everything work much faster.


We will mention the most significant materials below. The most important thing is to obtain regular quality cardboard. The success of this craft depends on having flexible sheets but rigid enough for these flowers. Also, pay attention to the beautiful colors that preferably complement each other. In addition, it is worth noting that sharp scissors are essential. In this way, we prevent the edges of the petals from looking uneven. Have a pencil, scissors, cardboard, silicone gun and paper on hand.


Luckily we have a great variety in terms of flowers and sizes. Which means you have the option to be inspired by flowers. However, roses and peonies are the perfect inspiration for this craft, thanks to its petal structure. Obviously, each petal doesn’t have to look the same as in real life but use the shapes as a guide to drawing the petals. Because we will need to make many petals, it may be a good idea to propose some petal shapes as a template in small, medium and large format. That way, if you have help, people can work as a team.


The first step is to create a lot of petals in different sizes. You don’t have to work with individual petals if you don’t want to. You can create complete flower shapes with three or five petals that will help facilitate the layers. The most important technique to make this project work is to shape the petals so that they have some dimension. This must be done before starting to paste them. You can roll the tips of each petal, either inward or outward, to give them a good shape. Cutting a slit at the bottom of each petal and then crossing the two pieces so that the petal is raised is another great technique.


Starting from the outside and moving in, glue the petals together. We recommend using a small piece of round cardboard as a base for the flowers and glue the petals. It makes it easier to hang it later because the cardboard is stiffer. It better supports any tape or adhesive we use later. You should place the petals so that each layer fills the spaces left by the previous layer. Eventually, the petals will start to get smaller and we can add the smaller petals in a tighter bud. Take a strip of paper and roll it into a cone to form a tight and swirling bud.


Working with hot glue on this project is a great advantage. It means it dries quickly. This allows our flowers not to be destroyed while we work on them. These flowers look best in groups, so once you have a group of them ready, you can hang them on any wall. We can help with tacks or Velcro straps, this will depend on how long we need to hang them.


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