foamis decorated notebooks
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Notebook Decoration – Amazing ideas and tips

foamis decorated notebooks

Notebook decoration and customizing them, is something really easy to do. Seriously, they are very easy to do, they will only take less than 10 minutes each. We will show you ways to decorate the notebooks easily and economically. It is always important to put some originality into school supplies. These ideas won’t take much time, much less will be very expensive and know what is the best part that the notebook decoration will be made with our hands.

different decorated notebooks

Notebook decoration

There are many ways to notebook decoration, either using fabrics, ribbons, stamps and of course, foam or Eva rubber, among others. This without hesitation is one of the favorite crafts for back to school, and hopefully, all these ideas will serve you. I assure you that the little ones in the house will love these decorated notebooks.

decorated notebooks ribbons

To decorate your own notebook, all you need are craft materials, a little time and creativity. You can make notebooks decoration with anything that inspires you, from the brightness to the buttons. Your notebook is yours to decorate, so get to work.

sweet decorated notebooks

Notebook decoration with a single color

For this idea, we will need several sheets of the same color as your notebook will be, but in different shades. First, you have to cover the notebook with the color that you want. For example, you could line it with a sky blue color and for the decoration, you could choose, turquoise blue, king blue, pastel blue and a gray or navy blue. We will also need figure punchers, they are easy to get and really cheap.

color decorated notebooks

What we are going to do is pierce the colored sheets many times with the figures we have achieved, if you only have one it will also look good. You can also do it with the circle punch and it will look like confetti. We will use the perforated figurines, try to gather many. And now we will simply stick them in the notebook with a glue stick. Try to put them well on the banks so that they don’t fall with use.

paper decorated notebooks

Notebook decoration with watercolors

For this decoration of notebooks we will only need some watercolors and white sheets. They may be preferably thick, such as opaline or cardboard. All we are going to do is paint the sheet with the watercolor of the color that will be the notebook trying to make different effects and shades.

watercolor decorated notebooks

Remember, the more water you put on the lighter and more transparent watercolor the tone will be and on the contrary. If you put a little darker water you will see the color, so you can go playing with the amount of water with which you wet your brush. And with this sheet, we cover the notebook and put the label on it.

Acuralas decorated notebooks

Notebooks decorated with adhesive tape

Here we need adhesive tape decorated with different designs but of the same color. It has already become more accessible and very economical. We will only glue the tape vertically inserting the designs we have. The truth is that it is super beautiful and is very easy to do.

tape decorated notebooks

Notebook decoration with scraps

We only need scraps of paper with different textures and designs, they can be leftovers from other designs, glue, and scissors. Try to cut out pictures with the papers and arrange them on your notebook, so that they cover it completely even if they cover each other.

decorated notebooks pictures

We paste them when we like how they are and ready. Maybe with a black down, you can make a few lines around the pictures so it looks like they are sewn. And now, it’s that easy and that simple. We will use a few materials and it will take us a maximum of 10 minutes to make them. We need a notebook, glue, sheets of decorated cardboard, decorated acetates and colored sheets.

decorated notebooks

The first thing we are going to do is paste cardboard with a beautiful design, you could choose one with a marble texture. These are fashionable and in almost all the stationers they sell them. Paste the marble cardboard on the cover. To give a personalized touch we are going to put a colored triangle in one of the corners, let’s say it could be pink. Place a piece of colored sheet.

leftover decorated notebooks

Now we are going to put on the designs of acetates. Accommodate the design. We glue with cold silicone or any transparent glue so that the glue isn’t noticed. And we go from a boring notebook to a funny and decorated one that projects our personality and goes with our style. I highly recommend that you put a transparent lining so that our design isn’t mistreated or detached.

patchwork decorated notebooks

Notebooks decorated with felt or fabric

Take the measurements of the notebook and cut your felt or cloth to match. Any size of the notebook will be fine. Start by measuring around the column, from back to front. Whatever number you get, add 16 centimeters. You will need the extra to wrap it later. As for top-down, add 1.25 centimeters.

felt decorated notebooks

Place the lid upside down on a flat surface. Fold the sides of the cover, the part that overlaps inside, and secure it with pins. You may need to refocus with your notebook to verify how large your flaps should be. Combined stitch along the upper and lower sides of the cover. The pearl cotton embroidery thread works well with felt. Start in one corner, end in the other and repeat for the other side.

material decorated notebooks

If you have plenty of time, you can create an intricate, beautiful and impressive design. Washi tape is like normal tape, only it has a pattern and is resistant. The idea is to have several different patterns of ribbon cut in different geometric shapes. Carefully placed pieces of tape combine to form an abstract and great masterpiece.

telita decorated notebooks

With modge podge and a brush, you can create bright designs that will be completely transfigured. Simply apply your modge podge to the cover where you want your first color. Dip in shine and let it dry. Then modge podge the next area, soak in shine and let it dry again. Repeat this for all the colors you want. A sponge brush works well, but a brush will also work. If you are in a difficult situation, you could even use your fingers.

fabric decorated notebooks

Notebook decoration with foam

Our materials will be, a foam of the colors you want, instant glue, silicone, scissors, markers, a notebook, and acrylic paint. The first thing to do the lining will be two foam size letters of the color that you like. Also a strip six centimeters wide by the length of the foam. It can be the same shade or a color that contrast.

decorated foamii notebooks

We are going to glue them with instant glue so that it doesn’t take off for anything. We are going to cut another strip of foam six centimeters wide along the length of this one, we are sticking only by the edge on the inside of what will be the lining. This with the idea of ​​putting in and taking out the notebook, since if we run out we can put the new notebook on the lining.

Foami decorated notebooks

Now it only remains to transfer our mold to the foam or rubber Eva and decorate as we like. Make a very flirty little cake in pastel pink. Over there I read that owls mean or represent wisdom and sacred knowledge. As well as intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power, knowledge, intuition, messages, mysticism, mystery, observation, independence, protection, courage, transition, longevity and reincarnation.

owl decorated notebooks

Notebooks decorated with denim

Of course, we will need a hardcover or spiral notebook, a pair of old jeans, too small or with holes, lace tape, scissors, and handmade cloth glue. We cut a piece of jeans denim large enough to cover the notebook. You can cover only the front or also the back. It would be perfect for the jean’s back pocket to be at the front for you to add some original storage. The front pockets can also be cute.

We spread a generous amount of cloth glue on the notebook cover. Press and smooth the denim piece on the deck. We will have denim access around the edges to trim after the glue is dry. We simply rotate the cover and use a pair of scissors to trim along the edge of our notebook to remove any excess cloth. The spiral-bound side of the notebook is a bit more complicated. We will have to use scissors to cut the cable.

jeans decorated notebooks

We cut the denim back to leave the wires open and cut the denim on the edge of the cover in the middle. We continue until we have cut the entire bound side of our notebook. Once cut, we use a small amount of cloth glue to glue the denim in place between the wires. If you want you can add a little more decorative details to the notebook. So for example, you could trim the butterfly from the patch that sometimes appears at the waist of the jeans and add them to the spiral-bound side.

Pencil decorated notebooks

You could also use some ornaments that you have in your craft drawer to add a lace look on the top of the notebook. You can do this with hot glue or cloth glue. The tape would also be beautiful. Finally, we cut short pieces of the edge and tie them around the first spirals of the binding.

strong decorated notebooks

If the back pocket of the jeans you have chosen in particular has many details, then the notebook really doesn’t need much more. If your jeans are smoother, you can add paint or other ornaments to make the notebook more fun. This DIY denim notebook project is easy enough for children to help and it is fun to involve them in customizing their school supplies.

cute decorated notebooks

Notebooks decorated with doll figure in foam

Well, our materials will be yellow, skin-colored foam. Down with bright pink, orange. White, black, brick acrylic paint. Lace and liquid silicone. Flat brushes, and liner, and finally swabs. We will only use skin-colored foam, and on it, we will transfer the molds of the girl. We will start decorating the head, we will use a strong pink down you can also use red, and we delineate all the hair this outlined will help me to highlight the hair, if you decide to paint it black it won’t be necessary to make this outlined.

little doll decorated notebooks

Then with a flat hairbrush, we paint the hair. If you wish you can create a movement to the hair with marked and softer lines. You can do that by putting a little water on the paint, so the color will look less strong, and when you paint with the brush, those lines will be marked. We let the paint dry.

doll decorated notebooks

Now we delineate the face with orange down, and with a swab, we blur all the outlined so that it isn’t so marked and looks prettier. We paint the eyes black and put a little white dot. For the cheeks, we paint with pink down, and with swab, we blur quickly, so it will look like a pretty blush, then we paint a little white dot on each cheek.

girl decorated notebooks

With orange down, we delineate the neck and hands, then with a swab blur the eyeliner, so it will look shaded. Then with white acrylic paint, we paint part of the doll’s wardrobe, including socks and shoes. Now we paint the shoes with black acrylic paint. The stockings can be delineated with pink down, and with a swab, we blur them. And you will see that the color is translucent.

elegant decorated notebooks

With brick color paint and a swab, we will shade the entire dress, then with a linner brush and black paint, we outline all the details of the dress. These details make us enhance it. We glue a lace lag with liquid silicone and put it on the edge of the dress. We cut the mold of the girl in foam.

beautiful decorated notebooks

For the cover of the notebook, you could choose yellow foam and with a brush and brick-colored paint, we will rub around the entire contour of the foam. Then we hit the yellow foam, then we paste the figure of the girl. And we have finished making this cute wall lamp to decorate the notebook.

delicate decorated notebooks
adhesive decorated notebooks
adhesive decorated notebooks
enamel decorated notebooks
notebooks decorated figures
bookmarks decorated notebooks
brown decorated notebooks
normal decorated notebooks
paper decorated notebooks
patchwork decorated notebooks
washi decorated notebooks

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