original Christmas crafts rustic environments
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Original Christmas crafts – 40 fun ideas with style

original Christmas crafts rustic environments

There is really nothing wrong with buying your Christmas decorations at the supermarket or other specialty stores in your area. It isn’t a secret that in fact there are some very beautiful and interesting. They can be found on these sites and you would usually be saving a lot of time by choosing not to turn all the decoration into a DIY project. Still, we have to admit that the original Christmas crafts have something special. Something different that makes them stand out from all the others. The main advantage of creating your own Christmas decorations is that you can do something unique and different. Simply depart from what everyone else has in mind for this celebration. On the other hand, it can be a very fun thing to do and the whole family can get involved and spend some great hours.

Original and fun Christmas crafts

original Christmas crafts paper

It is equally useful to create your own original decorations when you simply cannot find anything in stores that suits your style. Christmas decorations are usually very colorful, bright and visually striking. However, this can be disappointing for those who prefer minimalism in interior decoration. Nor if on the other hand, you are not a big fan of real Christmas trees. Especially the big ones when you have a small space at home. Maybe you would like to make a small wooden tree instead. A wooden Christmas tree would be a rustic and modern project at the same time.

original christmas crafts fabric

In case you feel more comfortable working with paper, we also have something interesting for Christmas decorations. Another of the original Christmas crafts is a paper tree that you can display on the wall and customize as you like. However, you need a wooden pallet for this project. You can replace it with a piece of plywood or canvas. Regardless of the option, select a stamped paper in Christmas colors and start folding it.

original Christmas crafts solutions

Felt is another interesting option with a lot of potential for any craft. You can make some really cute and beautiful Christmas decorations with this material. We have some examples of wonderful rustic felt trees like original Christmas crafts. They are really easy to make and all you need is a little green felt, a hot glue gun and small slices of wood. You can find a large fallen branch and cut it into pieces to make the trunks of the trees. It would be useful to have a sewing machine to save time making felt trees.

original Christmas crafts Christmas hats

An idea can also be to customize the Christmas ornaments we use regularly. For example, those colorful plastic balls that all hang on your Christmas trees. If you prefer something simpler and with a touch of Scandinavian charm, maybe you would like to use wooden balls. You have several options according to the style you prefer. You can put several balls together on a rope and make a mini crown or you can use them individually. Maintaining its original image or immersed in the paint. Either way, you’ll end up with some Christmas decorations with a Scandinavian image.

original Christmas crafts green branches

There comes a time when you know that Christmas is just around the corner and everyone starts counting the days until the fun begins. You can turn that into a different and functional decoration. We are talking about a Christmas countdown panel. It can be a fun decoration for both home and office. You will need an extra-large unfinished wood panel. It can be a piece of wood cut by you. Also red paint, black slate vinyl, and white stickers.

original Christmas crafts hanging lamps

Extending the decoration to the outside is always necessary. If you want to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home and do something special for the porch you are in the right place. It is a garden tomato cage, a bucket, lots of Christmas tree branches or artificial green garlands if you want it to be reusable and some pine cones. The cube is the container that contains the topiary and the vegetation joins the cage until it is completely covered. Pineapples can be left with their natural image or can be painted.

original Christmas crafts styles

Another of the original Christmas crafts that we propose will also allow you to bring the aroma of Christmas into your home. It is a Christmas candlestick made with fir branches, ropes, and metal wire. Obviously, to start you must have a chandelier or a pendant lamp. You make two circles with thick metal wire and decorate the big one with fir cuttings. You will have to tie white wool or a rope around the smaller circle, making sure to cut them the same length. Then connect the two circles with a cable and hang your new Christmas lamp by placing the light source in the center of course.

original colorful christmas crafts

The fir candlestick we mentioned earlier looks a bit like a crown. This undoubtedly reminds us of another lovely project that we want to share. A crown of felt sheets very interesting. To do something like this, you need felt in various shades of green, wire, a needle and embroidery thread, and a hot glue gun. It will take a while to cut all those sheets and then sew them together. This can simply be done while watching television for example. You can simplify the work by gluing the felt sheets in a flat crown shape. It can be cardboard, wood or any other option that is practical and has at home.

original Christmas crafts concept plants

For those who prefer simplified Christmas trees and these plywood designs are great. To make Christmas trees of this type and with a modern image as cute as these, you will need few resources. Plywood, a saw, and paint in various colors that you like. With a pencil, outline the shape of the trees, making it as simple and easy to cut as possible. Use the saw to cut the trees in groups of two, sand all the edges and cut the crevices. One located at the bottom of a tree and one at the top of the other. Put the pieces together, then apply the paint of your choice.

original Christmas crafts threads colors

Every Christmas tree needs a star, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be located at the top. An elegant alternative can be a star banner that you can display on the tree anywhere you want. To make such decoration you will need some basic things. The list includes felt fabric, cotton thread, a star template that you can make directly at home, a needle and thread. Cut out a lot of felt stars and then tie them on a banner. Make sure it fits your Christmas tree.

original terrarium Christmas crafts

The adorable little Christmas trees are another fabulous idea. They are perfect decorations for the shelf or the desk. To make these mini thread trees, you will need a lot of thread in various shades of green. This doesn’t rule out any other color you prefer, floral wire, super glue and wine corks or wooden cues for the base. Making these trees is easier than you probably imagine just like other original Christmas crafts. Just take a little thread and wrap it around your fingers, slide it out, then take a piece of wire folded in half and slide it over the thread. Turn it to secure the thread and create a tree stump that you must insert into the spike or cork if necessary. At the end of the whole process, trim the tree-shaped thread.


There are lots of cool and cool forms of original Christmas crafts with which you can customize the ornaments of your Christmas tree. For example, you can make some ornaments similar to a mini terrarium. You will need a lot of transparent glass ornaments. The bigger they are the better, a small funnel, dry land, moss, succulents or other vegetation will be necessary. In addition, you have to add the tapes or thread. You can also add small pebbles and other things that you consider appropriate for the project.


Some pretty mini crowns can also look beautiful on your Christmas tree. You can make some of the small rings to place them. You will need a hot glue gun and thread, as well as anything else you can wrap around the rings. You can use fishing line to hang them. Making these ring crowns is quite easy, especially if you are already familiar with this technique or similar ones of original Christmas crafts.


At this point, you probably have a pretty accurate idea of ​​how you will decorate your Christmas tree this year. But you should not forget the rest of the house to bring Christmas to every corner. We have some ideas for that too. For example, Christmas ornaments with shadow boxes full of accessories such as pine cones, Christmas tree ornaments, and other holiday-themed items. You can display them on walls or shelves and the effect will always be surprising.


Christmas scented candles are quite easy to make and you can offer them as gifts or use them to bring Christmas to your home. To make the candles you need glass jars, in the same way, other small containers. As raw materials, flakes of soy wax, candle wicks, and essential oils. We suggest mint, tea tree or cinnamon, colored pencils to paint, glue and bamboo skewers. The result will mark a before and after in the aesthetics of your home.

Original Christmas crafts for dining rooms


A Christmas hanging accessory is another elegant decoration that you can show in your home when the time comes. If you replace the small fir branch with something else, it can become a decoration throughout the year. In any case, this is what you need for this craft. We start with large wooden rings. Specifically of the type used to hang curtains, small brass rings, small fir twigs, wooden beads, and a rope.


The supplies needed to make the accessory just mentioned are also more or less what you need to make these elegant table decorations. Each one is made with a wooden ring, a metal ring, some metal wire, and a small green twig. The design is reminiscent of flower crowns and blends well with minimalist table settings and neutral colors. A white tablecloth would be a good option to achieve the ideal contrast with the original Christmas crafts.


Using tubes with confetti, generally popular at parties, you can achieve excellent results. Like these Christmas cookies with marble effect wrap. It is actually quite easy. You need paper, a disposable can, cookie pins, cardboard tubes, strong glue, cord, nail polish, and a skewer. The funniest part is coloring the paper to look like marble. Any tree, large or small, is easily fixed with the addition of a citrus garland. It is easy to do. Simply thread the dried citrus fruits into a thin piece of wire, thread or nylon as in the picture.


Here we have two DIY options in one. The stars of wooden beads look very beautiful scattered on the table like hanging from the small tree. A small acorn tree as a perfect centerpiece for the winter months. Create the stars with wooden beads, draw a five-pointed star on paper. A loop at the end of a piece of handmade silver wire. Thread the beads carefully into the wire, bending it as you go. Pass the loose end of the cable through the loop, crimp, and cut. For the tree, paint the nuts with white paint leaving the natural tops. Place a loop of thread with hot glue. It hangs on a spray-painted branch placed inside a spool of thread.


Another of the original Christmas crafts is easy to do with a rustic tobacco basket. It will be simple to complement with some bright berries, they are the most charming complement to each other. However, the eyes of your visitors will be attracted to the detail of large paintings. Use floral wire to hold all the vegetation in a group, then add some pine cone accents.

Christmas-balls-jingle bells-doors

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