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Trend! Decorate with terracotta – Ideas to decorate

We tell you how to decorate with terracotta, a trend that returns strongly to our homes.

Warm colors, such as browns, once again appear strongly in the decorative scene and especially in terracotta. But not only in the form of paint but in all its varied options it becomes one of the most desired elements to decorate homes this winter.

Decorating with terracotta is back in fashion. Whether for floors or for walls with warm colors but also in pots and all kinds of decorations. 

It is a color full of strength and life that will bring much warmth to any environment as well as personality. That’s why today we are going to see what possibilities you have when decorating with terracotta, do not miss it!

Terracotta floors

Terracotta floors are easy to recognize because of their color. An intense and natural color resulting from the firing process of the clay with which this type of tile is made. They have been widely used in more rustic and country style environments and also outdoors for their strength and durability.

We can find terracotta tiles with different finishes, with or without gloss, and in different shades, according to our taste. And that will give a lot of personality to any space.

Paint in the terracotta color

The terracotta tone comes back to stomping in decoration. It is a warm color, a color with a lot of personalities that will highlight any space. That is why we must also use it with prudence because it will become the focus of attention.

Traditionally it has been more associated with rustic or raw environments but it can also be very modern if we combine it with gray tones. Although it seems difficult to combine we have many options when using terracotta: gray, brown, neutral tones like white.

But we can also bet on more risky mixtures such as uniting it with pink. And thus create a very dynamic and current combination. Don’t you love the idea? No doubt it will be very special with this union.


Another traditional use of terracotta is crockery to decorate our tables. Now this idea becomes again fashionable and we will find many options to include it in our table. 

The color varies from black to brown and red to light beige. The new technologies have improved the resistance to humidity, which was a defect of the traditional terracotta, and now it is much more resistant so it becomes a good choice for bowls, cups, plates …

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Terracotta color sofa

It is one of the novelties of the season. It is an option that seems very risky but in more traditional style rooms we often find pieces in this color. Especially armchairs and sofas, combined with brown, gray or light upholstery.

If you know how to combine it, you can get a very modern effect. For example, with military gray or green tones, you can get a unique effect that will turn your terracotta sofa into the center of the room.

Terracotta lamps

Each time we find more varied lamps and materials that were previously unthinkable … and the terracotta also joins this trend. We can find terracotta lamps or that mix terracotta and another type of material to give it a more modern touch. They can be a great idea for a kitchen, do not you think?


It is one of its usual uses and I am sure that at some point you have had a terracotta pot or you still have it. They are resistant and at the same time they decorate with that color so warm and that contrasts so well with the green of the plants. Today we find them in all types of designs, more modern and attractive.

Paint your patio in terracotta

It is one of the colors that can help you create a very special space if you have a patio. Its warmth and strength will make you feel very comfortable and are the perfect counterpoint to the exuberance of plants. In this way, you will get a secret corner for relaxation.

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