different pots
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Unusual Pot Ideas | Original recycled planters

We share a selection of unusual pots. Today we suggest you run away from traditional forms and play with the pieces you have at home. A cup, a jug, a hat or a tureen will be an ideal place to display your plants.

different pots

Unusual Pot Ideas

And from these inspiring photos imagine a thousand possibilities, invent and enjoy the process.

different pots
unusual pots

The kitchen utensils are perfect to turn them into original pots. Jugs, pots, cups, drains, and if they are old even better. You will achieve a very particular vintage retro touch.


This idea of using hats and straw hats as planters seems super creative. Ideal for hats that go out of style or that are deformed and that we can no longer wear.


What a beautiful composition of teapots! I imagine them in the living room, but in smaller quantities.


Old sneakers, or children’s shoes that soon become small, are also fantastic planters.


And what about turning old books into pots for your plants? The truth is that it gives me a little pain. Spoiling a book seems like a sacrilege. But well, there I leave the idea.


And the drawers of the furniture that we don’t use are a real treasure.

Original recycled planters

Original recycled planters

Reuse, reconvert, create original recycled planters. Surely you have not noticed but in your home, you have a thousand creative pot to place your plants. This idea serves both indoors and outdoors. If you have a terrace or garden you can also make very interesting compositions of original handmade planters. And as we always say, before throwing anything in the trash, imagine what other use you can give it. Want to see more ideas of different pots?

Any antique furniture can be used as a display of plants or pots. From a dresser to a small table, a desk, or a chair. Although, due to its size, this project will be more convenient for gardens or terraces. Unless you have a super house.

Also, the old instruments can be this amazing if we add some plants.

That bike! If you also have trouble getting rid of your old bike, give it another use.

Old-fashioned shoes and bags, with that incredible color. Tired of taking place in the closet? Well, give them a new opportunity.

The same with old, small or damaged jeans.

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