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Valentine’s Day hearts. Ideas of original decorations –

original-de-bricolage hearts

Modern and classy ways to decorate with hearts

Hearts are a common theme around Valentine’s Day, but they can easily run the risk of looking somewhat cheesy. For example, you will see many decorative designs for Valentine’s Day with bright pink paper hearts, which are excellent for an elementary school classroom or a child’s room.

art-decorative hearts

However, if you want to make the decoration with hearts to the next level, then we will give you ideas in some more original ways to incorporate the hearts into your decoration in style. Also, a wonderful aspect of many of these designs is that they don’t necessarily have to be only for Valentine’s Day. You can decorate with hearts all year long if you do it carefully and with a reasonable measure.

hearts in photo frames

Photo frames and pictures of hearts


Heart-decorated frames can give other meanings to art collages.

Use frames to decorate with hearts for Valentine’s party

small-wooden hearts

Art collages are an elegant way to decorate any space in a home. In the photo above, you can see how a small art collage with a heart theme is a great way to decorate for the party.

hearts for-valentine

These hearts are bolder, but feel free to work with more neutral or muted colors to give a more modern look. Another idea is to use small details in deep pink to achieve a subtle and fun design.

handmade hearts

You can also try the gallery wall idea with frames of different sizes in random places to create a more modern and original look. You can also hang this decoration throughout the year, or you can easily hang and remove it around Valentine’s Day.

Decorate with hearts of natural materials

Focus on the texture to make the hearts blend perfectly with the design style of the room.

Use natural textures

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to focus on texture. An example is a photo above, where you can see the textured heart on the wall.

woven-to-decorate hearts

By focusing on different textures like this, you can incorporate hearts in any style. For example, a metal heart could fit with an industrial theme. A heart-shaped lace wall hanging could fit beautifully into the Victorian-themed decor.

hearts photo frames

A wooden heart, on the other hand, could fit with the rustic or vintage style. Or a basic image of a neutral-colored heart could fit into minimalist or modern homes. And best of all, such decoration could work all year long without appearing cheesy or exaggerated.

hearts in-the-bathroom-tiles

Decorate with tiles with hearts design

You can also use small tiles to get a heart shape.

Be creative…

Speaking of ideas for year-round designs, the heart of the photo above is definitely a permanent element. The red color of the heart on the dark background also emphasizes the design. However, if you wish you could use a neutral color for the heart to get a more modern touch. And placing a large heart design in the center of the wall would allow you to create a focal point.

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Decorate your plants with hearts

Garden accents can be an elegant addition to an outdoor space.

Try the elegant garden accents

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to use them in the garden, as in the photo above. However, since Valentine’s Day is still in the cold part of the year in most climates, you may want to use this idea in houseplants. For this purpose, you can easily place the garden decorations in large pots.

flower pot-decorated-with-heart

The piece in the photo above is actually a great idea to make decorations in the most modern style, too. The oxide texture evokes the idea of ​​an industrial look that blends well with brick textures. However, the heart is very subtle and isn’t too overwhelming in space as bold red hearts can be.

collage-of-photos-heart (2)

Valentine’s Day hearts – photo collages

A collage of heart-shaped photos is elegant and can be hung throughout the year.

Make a photo collage

The photo above shows that you can work creatively in the form of a heart on almost anything. A creative photo collage like this is an elegant way to incorporate a heart shape into the design. Ordering heart-shaped family photos is also a beautiful and emotional way to display them in the eyes of friends who visit your home.


You can place the photos directly on the wall or mount them on a clean white canvas with a modern and minimalist frame. So you can hang a piece like this even in the most modern and minimalist spaces. And betting on a large size would make collage an attractive focal point in any room.

In the photos below you can find more ideas on how to incorporate hearts into home decoration not only for Valentine’s Day.

photo frames-hearts

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