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+80 Ideas For Wall Decoration

In all the houses there are walls that we don’t know how to decorate, they are walls that are empty, that have no furniture and that we do not know very well how to fill. Today we want to show you wall decoration ideas so you can find ideas and inspiration to help you decorate the desired wall. Below you will find ideas for hanging pictures, photos, for you to use murals and wallpaper, and a host of other ideas that you surely like and help you find the perfect idea for your wall.

Walls decorated with pictures and photos

One of the most conventional ideas for wall decoration is to use pictures and photos. There are many options in this type of decorated walls. Since the multitude of possibilities is endless. There is the possibility of using a single painting, it is something simple and visually powerful, especially if we choose a color that combines with the colors we use for home decoration. This box has to be more or less large, sometimes occupies a very important portion of the wall, since it has to have its meaning inside the wall.

From here, the number of pictures or photographs that we want to use depends a lot on our needs and tastes, in the same way, the choice of the composition is totally personal. It is not the same to put everything ordered in a sequence of tables of the same size and that have a correlation with each other, that to decide to make a disordered composition with pictures that have nothing in common. In the first case, it is simple, you just have to choose paintings or photos that together make sense and put them in a straight line or grid.

In the case of irregular composition, it is about finding one that has balance. If you are not sure about what composition to choose, a good way to do it is to first use the size of all the pictures (or photos or pictures) that we want to use and change the order on the wall until we find the one we like best. This prevents us from making holes too soon or using the tough adhesive tape that is so much used nowadays.

Here we show you a few photographs of walls decorated with paintings, pictures or photos, so you can see some easier examples and other more complex, to see if you find one that suits what you like the most.

If you want to make this project by yourself, here you can find all you need.

You can always find lots of amazing prints and pictures to hang. Internet stores are great resources. time to time there are amazing sales too. Here you can find some samples for all kind of taste.

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Walls decorated with blackboard

One of the most modern options used today in the decoration of walls is to paint the wall as if it were a blackboard. There is a special slate painting that you can find nowadays in any painting house. With the blackboard, you can create a space to point things and draw. It is ideal for children’s room because this way they can have a wall where they can make theirs. This idea to decorate walls is also an idea for other areas of the home, such as the kitchen or living room.

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Walls decorated with wallpaper

Another alternative that we can use in an empty wall that we do not know how to fill is using decorative paper. Today there are many modern options of decorative paper that will help us to give a colorful and unique touch to our wall. There are options for children’s rooms, with perfect motives for a child’s bedroom.

There are also more modern ideas for any corner of the house, from living rooms to bedrooms. If you are looking for a vintage touch to your home, another option is to choose a wallpaper with retro touches that remind us of the old wallpaper (and that some old houses still conserve).

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Walls decorated with vinyl

Walls decorated with decorative vinyl are fashionable. The decorative vinyls are a kind of adhesive that can be hooked on the wall without much difficulty, and then, when we get bored with them, we can remove them without leaving the slightest trace.

There are lots of decorative vinyl, some with pictures of things that mimic reality, others with words, phrases, flowers or plants. The idea is that with this decorative vinyl we can fill that space that we do not know very well how to fill.

There are also models of children’s decorative vinyl that can be great to decorate a children’s room with a drawing or animal that makes our children happy.

Walls decorated with exposed brick

Another way to get that empty wall is by choosing some texture to apply in it. For example, one of the most used cases in decorated walls is exposed brick. The brick seen has become popular in recent years, so that more and more people decide to bet on this type of possibility. It is a texture widely used in urban lofts and is often associated with abandoned factories in New York, which bohemian artists reformed as homes.

Nowadays you do not need real bricks to make a wall, there are decorative panels that help us create the same feeling, in addition, we can choose between different models of brick, the typical red, the painted white, the worn … Options are really multiple.

Walls decorated with murals

If you like decorative wallpapers, the option of doing it with murals may also seem interesting. Since they are usually very similar options. While the wallpaper is a sequence of images in the form of a border, the mural is usually a whole image, like a photograph. There are many options of murals that can help us create a beautiful image. They can remind us of a place that makes us feel good, such as mountains, meadows, and beaches. There are also options for children, such as a comic book vignette.

Walls decorated with paint

This idea for decorated walls is similar to the previous one, and it is about walls decorated with paint. Instead of using paper to create the murals, you can use paint. You can imitate decorative paper or murals, even with sponge or draping we can get interesting things. We leave some examples so you can decide that you like or not.


Did you like these previous ideas for decorated walls? We show you more photos with different ideas that can help you find a perfect one to help you decorate the wall of your house, let’s see them!

Here you can find some examples for this project
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