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22 Affordable Hallway Decor Ideas With Pallets

The fashion of recycling still does not abandon us, and that is that what began as a concern for the environment has become a decorative style. We love to reuse objects, give them another chance, transform them and turn them into curious, striking and original pieces. You will see many things you can do with a pallet, room dividers, works of art, headboards, and even ladders made with pallets, but today we will try to inspire ourselves to decorate our hallways, in an original way, and for little money, if you are a DIY enthusiast. We hope you like our ideas of hallways decorated with pallets.

Hallways Decorated With Pallets

A console for the hall made with a pallet, a simple and beautiful project.

A decorative composition for the wall of our entrance.

Rustic Wood Pallet Wall Mounted Decorative Display Shelf

Exhibition of pots: I love this idea, it is creative and adds a special touch, yes, if you do not have natural light in the hall you will have to keep that in mind before choosing your plants.

Solid Pine Wood Pallet Wall Plaque Sign

You can panel your hallways wall with recycled pallet wood and add hangers.

Build a wall organizer, ideal for various keys and accessories.

Cover the bottom of our hallway closet.

Also build an impressive wall clock, like this.

Or a container for your umbrellas.

Maybe you need some ideas for your enterances

How to decorate hallways with pallets

We bring a great idea about how to decorate hallways with pallets. The project is different, simple and very functional. Fixed to the wall as an organizer, this original vertical composition can give a lot of play. A nice option that turns out to be as decorative as practical. What do you say, would you dare with a project like that?

More ideas to decorate hallways with pallets

Need more inspiration to decorate hallways with pallets? Well, we bring you more images. Wonderful photos of hallways decorated with pallets where you can take good ideas. If you want to decorate your entrances then check this post “5 amazing entrance decor ideas

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