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14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

In all the houses we can find a washing machine and a dryer, as well as ironing equipment, to wash clothes. Well, it is very interesting to have a laundry room in a home. Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to have an excessively large space to install it.


The distribution of the laundry room depends to a large extent on one’s own personal tastes and preferences. Also of the elements that you want to introduce in the space: dryer, washing machine …

Bright surfaces

14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

In general, the laundry room usually has a small size, so one of the great objectives to achieve with the decoration is to expand it visually. Thus, it is convenient to install both appliances and parts of the right size. In addition, the ideal is to set the mood with colors that maximize light, such as white, which also provides a great feeling of cleanliness and freshness.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

In a laundry room, the storage space is key. The best is to place a good amount of shelves to place both clean and ironing clothes; In addition, a coat rack can be installed to hang the most delicate items, such as dresses or shirts.

All inclusive

14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

If the space of the laundry room allows it, the ideal is to install everything in it; that is, the washing machine, the dryer if there is one, and the iron. So that the ironing table does not occupy too much space, there are some folding models that fit very well.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

Just as in any other room in the home, we must take into account the style of decoration that you want to give to the laundry room. For an elegant and sophisticated look, wood should become the main material. It is recommended to combine it with neutral tones such as beige to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

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14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

Taking into account the small size that usually has a laundry room, the minimalist style fits in a thousand wonders on it. In this way, visually very clean space is obtained, with the just and necessary elements to carry out the tasks. In this case, the main colors are white and black.

Share space

14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

Not all homes can afford to have a laundry room as such. Thus, in some cases, this is integrated into the bathroom. To avoid visually contaminating the environment with the washing machine and detergents in sight, it is a good idea to install sliding doors behind which the laundry room is located.


It is not a space dedicated to the washing of clothes as such, but it fulfills the same function. A very practical and functional idea to install a washing machine and a dryer inside the home. A niche covered in white tiles with both appliances and some shelves can be a great option.

Joy and color

14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

As we have indicated, light and neutral tones are the most suitable to decorate a laundry room. However, so that space is not boring, it is worth introducing some notes of color. The truth is that it is not so complicated to get with some items, such as a basket to store dirty clothes in a vibrant tone like yellow or pink, for example.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

In those homes where space is really very small, installing the laundry room inside a closet is a fantastic idea. You can take advantage of the space below to place the washer and dryer, and use the upper shelves to store the cleaning products.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

The baskets are an element that can not be missing in a good laundry room. They come very well to store clean clothes, detergents, and other cleaning products … In addition to its functional role, the baskets are very decorative and practical.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

Keep in mind that products that contain chemicals are usually used in the laundry room. That is why it is so important that the surfaces are made of resistant materials to guarantee a long service life. In addition, it is convenient that the surfaces are easy to clean.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

A laundry room is a space in which functionality must prevail. Of course, aesthetics is important, but it is a space that must be 100% practical to be able to carry out the tasks of washing, drying and ironing with comfort.


14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

To give a touch of joy and color and, in addition, bring a more natural air to the laundry room, placing several artificial plants is a great option that is worth taking into account. Taking into account the space available, it is best to be small plants so as not to overload the environment.

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