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2020 Bathroom Designs – Styles and Tips

Designing and building a bathroom, for a renovation project or a new house, starts with defining your ideal appearance and layout plans. We will show you a few bathroom design ideas so you can achieve a functional and very beautiful space.

Bathroom designs according to style

Choosing a style for the bathroom with which you feel most comfortable and at ease is essential. Here we will show you some ideas.

Contemporary bathrooms

A contemporary bathroom combines functionality, design, practicality, and technologically advanced products.

Usually, smooth curves or corners, large tiles, and hanging furniture are used. Above all, novel materials are used, such as waxed concrete in floors.

For a designer bathroom, feel free to choose new shapes like a totem sink, luminaires with visible filaments, and an original wall-mounted radiator.

The bathroom should offer a functional and comfortable space. Everything must be optimized from floor to ceiling with storage that provides a lot of comfort and order.

Striking colors and decorative objects can be found from candles to flowers. If possible, choose a bathtub to enjoy a bubble bath, furniture with multiple arrangements for the different appliances, and a large mirror, or even several.

Rustic bathrooms

This style takes us to a world as haunting as it is relaxing, where materials such as wood or stone are the protagonists.

Industrial style

This type of design is one of the current trends.

Zen baths

They are baths dedicated to relaxation, everything should bring well-being and zenitude. Bamboo wood, Buddha statues, teak furniture, etc. are used. The Zen style is distinguished by its Japanese influences and its minimalist tendencies.

The Japanese bath is an excellent choice if you are looking for a soft, relaxing and exotic environment. Attention, this style is based on the principle of great simplicity. To decorate, cherry blossoms, Japanese panels, and paper or origami elements are used.

Italian baths

The Italian-style bathroom seduces lovers of large showers and relaxation. Italian showers are characterized by their large size, without an exposed shower tray, and usually have a shower head for a rain-type bath.

How to design or remodel the bathroom?

One of the main points to take into account to achieve the perfect design of the bathroom is the number of members in the family, either in the present or in the future, and the available space. Taking these two points into account, you will surely be able to make smart decisions.

Draw a simple sketch

This is the easiest method to view the bathroom. Is it a new bathroom or do you want to renovate an existing space? Drawing the design to scale, it will be much easier for you.

You must measure the spaces, as well as the various sanitary accessories, such as the bathtub, the shower, the sink, and the storage units. If you are going to build it from scratch, draw the necessary space so that the average dimensions of the sanitary facilities and the furniture you want to fit the best possible in it. These measurements can be found on the web.

On this basis, try to make the sketch as accurate as possible. Do not forget to also take into account the height of the bathroom ceiling. This can be important for planning light installation or for placing tall cabinets.

This will also help you have a clear vision of where plumbing and sanitary facilities should be located. You must also determine where you want the heating, lighting points, switches, etc. All this information will be necessary when consulting with a specialist in bathroom equipment and prices.

Remember to consider the windows and doors. Is the door opening inward? This is a lot of wasted space because nothing can be in the way. Is the window high enough to prevent neighbors from seeing you?

Usually, it is drawn at a 1/50 scale, that is, one centimeter in the plane corresponds to fifty centimeters actually. If you do an Internet search, you will find bathroom modelers that will allow you, for example, to represent the bathroom in 3D.

If your budget allows, consider working with an architect, who will certainly help you get the perfect bathroom.

Designs according to the size of the bathroom

The design will depend a lot on the available space.

Large bathrooms

If the space is large, the possibilities will be greater. You can freely choose a bathtub or a shower. A double sink will be very practical if the family is large. As well as many cabinets to store, for example, towels and all hygiene and personal care items.

It can also be very practical to install a laundry area or a relaxation area with a nice Jacuzzi. In short, if you have a large space, you can take your pleasure and fulfill all your wishes and satisfy all your needs.

Small bathrooms

You will have to be much more creative if your bathroom is small, but this will not prevent it from being practical and comfortable. We will show you some tips that can help you.

Shower or bathtub? A shower will save you a lot of space. However, for families with children, a bathtub is sometimes a more practical option. You can also add a wall, a shower screen, or a shower curtain to use the bathtub as a shower. If there are no children in the family, perhaps a shower is the best option. Takes up less space.

Separate toilet? It may be possible to place the toilet outside the bathroom. This will save you almost a square meter. And also, you will have much more privacy.

Glass helps create the feeling of more space. A door with opaque glass can be a good idea, thus preserving privacy, but it will give the room a more spacious feeling. You can also replace the shower curtain with a sliding glass door.

A large mirror will also help you increase the space.

Bathroom furniture hung on the top of the wall also creates the illusion of more space. The effect is the same as a suspended toilet.

The corners not used intelligently are lost untapped spaces. Just as a wall-hung toilet may be a good idea, placing it in a corner is also a good solution. Or if you prefer, you can add ambient lighting in one of the unused corners.

Try to accentuate the heights: the light, windows, and tall furniture increase the feeling of space.

Preserves the luminosity of the space. Use light colors and avoid using too loaded decorations. Therefore, large tiles are more appropriate for a small bathroom compared to the tiles that weigh on the whole. The observation is the same for the floor tiles.

You can use multifunction accessories. For example, you can opt for a sink with a built-in storage cabinet or a hanging cabinet with a mirror. A heated towel rack is also a good idea: it provides warmth, dries towels, and saves space. Furniture with horizontal handles also gives you the ability to dry towels that can be used as towel racks.

Bathroom lighting and plugs

The entire room should have strategic plugs, but the most important ones are the ones located around the mirror.

There must be enough electrical outlets. These should be around the counter of the sink, as they will be used to plug in the hairdryer, the iron or the shaver. But it can also be convenient to install additional lighting or to plug in a music player. However, keep the plugs at a safe distance (at least a meter) so that the water cannot wet any electrical utensils.

Don’t downplay the lighting. There should be enough light throughout the room, but especially around the mirror, as this area is used for brushing teeth, waxing, applying make-up, or removing contact lenses, for example. Do not forget to foresee possible ambient lighting for relaxing moments.

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