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2020 Bedroom decoration trends

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The bedroom decoration is one of the most important subjects in our house. A bedroom should have an extremely cozy, warm, calm atmosphere and match your personality.

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In this article, we will indicate the 2020 trend for bedrooms. Some people agree that bedroom decor for this 2020 should fit in with the owners’ lifestyle and activities. This is because the preferences and style of the owner will be engraved in the decoration of the bedroom and throughout the home in general. So keep reading and find out what’s trending for this year 2020.

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Styles, colors, wall finishes and more. Get inspired, decorate, transform your bedroom and make it a paradise of relaxation in your home. It is always good to change the look of a room and improve it. The bedroom is where you can escape all the worries and tiredness of a hard day.

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This should be a place where you can rest properly. If you feel that you cannot sleep well or that something is missing in your room, then it is time to rethink your bedroom decoration. So to help you a little in changing and turning your room into a much more comfortable, attractive and functional place, we will give you some ideas and recommendations from experts in bedroom decoration.

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Bedroom decoration trends 2020

For the 2020-2021 bedrooms, the minimalist style continues from last season. The decoration of the rooms 2020-2021 continues to promote the idea of ​​minimalism, which became fashionable in the previous season.

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This style does not mean that it completely avoids many things. By contrast, bedrooms with this style increasingly become very cozy and truly comfortable. This minimalist style increasingly uses colors with thinner tones.

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A modern and practical bedroom, nowadays it is based a lot on respect for the natural ones and the decoration makes it perfect to have a good restful and healthy sleep. Well, as for the combination of color palettes, the shadow of the ocean waves, they are all the rage.

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However, it is not used as the main color, but as a bright touch. The 2020 trends in materials to decorate the bedroom has not had much change. Decor design experts will continue to represent smooth, uniform ceilings.

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For the walls, you will see a lot of the covering with wallpaper or the so-called wallpaper, either plain or with geometric patterns, also the covering with wooden panels. This will be the imitation of masonry that makes something of a reference to the decoration with loft-style. And for the floors, carpets or floor paper. Of course, cotton and linen fabrics and many others will also be included.

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Choose your best style of decoration for bedroom

There are many different types of bedroom decoration. But for 2020 the most prominent are those that we will indicate below. This for you to choose and transform your room into a sanctuary of relaxation according to your taste and personality.

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Minimalist bedrooms

The minimalist style is distinguished in the decoration of bedrooms 2020-2021 due to the rhythm of life that it has today. With the frenetic and stressful day to day that you may almost always have, of course, your bedroom should give you the feeling of calm and relaxation you need to leave problems and worries away from home. So a bedroom decorated in a minimalist style is undoubtedly one of the best options to be at peace.

minimalist bedrooms

A space with a minimum of furniture, spacious, with colors beige, gray and perhaps even black predominate, with some accents without overloading so much. All this makes a minimalist bedroom cozy and functional. It could be said that this decoration reflects the attitude of the person. It is like a philosophy of life.

minimalist bedrooms

In which much is taken into account, not the quantity of the articles or objects but the quality, practicality, and functionality giving elegance and also modernism. The walls should always be smooth, without any pattern, although the ceiling could be accepted with interesting geometric shapes.

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Classic bedrooms

They are the bedrooms of perfect symmetry and proportions. In general, the decoration of bedrooms with classic style predominates natural colors and gold. Also, state wood furniture and accessories create a warm atmosphere in the room.

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Of course, decorative elements, lamps, and gadgets are also taken into account. The main elements in this decoration are wood carvings, antiques, silk and lace motifs. Glass items and curtains are also taken into account.

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In the same way, golden elements are added, either through paint or with any article. As for the paint tones, nature-related tones are used. And of course, the lighting devices must be in accordance with the decoration, so they must also be classic.

classic bedrooms

Loft-style bedrooms

This style of loft decoration refers to and pays close attention to plastered or brick walls, among others. It is characterized in the same way by the use of cold colors. It works perfectly in rooms with large and tall windows and the space is usually free. Pillows and curtains are a great addition to your bedroom decor.

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As furniture, it should be elegant but not lush. It is worth mentioning that this decoration allows you to add furniture and decorative accessories of different styles to make the bedroom a sophisticated and soft space. Most owners and experts agree that blending brick walls and cozy furniture creates an amazing look worth appreciating.

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Bedrooms with high technology

This style of decoration allows you to rationally and logically organize the space in your bedroom. This style is perfect for homes and small bedrooms. Here the light scenes are not the standards and are developed with installation along the baseboards, light awnings, among others.

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High technology includes varnished and chrome surfaces. As well as the straight lines and with a minimum of decorative elements, as well as minimalism. The colors that are present in this decoration are white, black and gray.

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Rustic bedrooms

The rustic style bedroom decoration immediately transforms it into a relaxation space for both body and soul. What characterizes this style the most is the natural texture. Here, stone and wood are used and always present. The basic elements are usually a strong wooden bed, wicker chairs, a plank or parquet floor, and some greenery.

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Art Deco bedrooms

Decorating bedrooms in the art deco style involves the combination of various materials, oriental techniques, and somewhat ancient stylized elements. Here a large comfortable bed predominates, original accessories, orange, blue, green or purple colors. The lines in this decoration are sophisticated and soft, you can also combine plastic, glass, wood and even stone.

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Main decoration elements in bedrooms 2020

We know that not all bedrooms always have enough space for much freer decoration. But this is no reason why your decoration should be limited only to the bed or wall color. Of course, we are not referring to large, lush decorative elements. But to small details that sometimes go unnoticed but that are also important and help to highlight the decoration.

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The lighting

You shouldn’t just pay attention to the pendant lights or lamps in your bedroom. In the same way, you can take into account floor lamps, sconces or table lamps. Currently, there are many simple, bright, original lighting accessories or the model you prefer and you can choose from.

bedroom lighting

Present art

They usually look great over the head of the bed while creating a focal point and accent wall. Natural Flowers. These, refresh the room and positively influence our health and well-being. Of course, flowers with excessively strong odors should be avoided since it would be difficult to be in such an environment and as a consequence not have a healthy sleep.

bedrooms art


This is very easy to add with a beautiful, large and original rug in the middle of the room. Square or round rugs are perfect for square bedrooms. You can also place beautiful quilts that match the decoration you have.

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Bed design

Of course, it is important that the bed is comfortable, durable and depending on the style of decoration you choose, the style of bed will be. It is worth mentioning that the style of decoration of a bedroom usually turns into a sleeping area. You should consider bedding models with a large, soft headboard.

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A bed with this feature will not only allow you to sleep pleasantly, but you will also be able to sit and lean on the headboard when you need it. You could also purchase a bed with little details as well as forged or awning patterns. Small details that will help create the perfect environment for your rest and relaxation.

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Bedroom wall decoration 2020

Of course for bedroom walls, trends won’t change much for 2020. There are traditional materials like paint and wallpaper and originals. Chlorine that the wallpapers nowadays there are many models, patterns and textures from which you can choose.

bedrooms art walls

There are some really beautiful ones that transport you to another world. Another material is brick. It is also a traditional material, especially for loft-style bedrooms. But in the same way, they will be appreciated in other styles.

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Now, if you want something a little more original, interior decoration experts recommend applying the combination method. It is about creating an accent wall. Which is already very popular in the world of decoration and will give a different touch to your bedroom.

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To create this accent wall you just have to combine or mix different materials. Whether with an extraordinary and striking wallpaper, a wall with very bright colors, among others. And usually, the wall used is the one behind the head of the bed.

bedrooms focal wall

Finishing the ceiling and floor in bedrooms 2020

As for the ceiling, the truth is not much to say. All you need to be aware of is keep your surface smooth and white. Now, as for the floor, like the walls, you will find a variety of ways to treat them.

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Although parquet boards are generally good options. These appear to be made of natural wood, giving the bedroom warmth and comfort. It is worth mentioning that thanks to technological advances these planks or sheets are quite resistant to wear.

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Bedroom window decoration 2020

For the decoration or window treatments in the decoration of the 2020 bedrooms, it is recommended not to place dark or very dense curtains. On the contrary, place them with fine tulle or use rolled curtains. You must remember and keep in mind that curtains are not only an aesthetic item. But they are also the way to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays that strongly penetrate the room.

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That said, in rooms where the sun is very direct, it is recommended to use Roman blinds or special blinds. Which can minimize the amount of light that enters the room? The color of the curtains or blinds should not be exactly what you use on the walls or furniture, it should only match.

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