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Aromatic herbs – Kitchens with full of aroma

contemporary cuisine herbs

There are several reasons why you should grow and have aromatic herbs in your kitchen. These versatile herbs not only add great flavor to meals. But they also offer delicious fragrances and fresh greenery to your kitchen. Aromatic herbs are usually a bit expensive compared to if you grow them yourself in the comfort of your kitchen.

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If you live in a region where the winter season isn’t so strong, then you can have a mini aromatic herb garden in your kitchen all year round. It’s really not difficult to create your little herb garden in your kitchen. Most aromatic herbs grow and prosper favorably indoors.

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Of course, like any plant, they have basic needs that must be provided. For example, enough light, among other things. In the grocery stores, as well as the line, you can find various aromatic herb kits. These kits include the seeds, the soil and even the pot to grow them.

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However, we must mention that it is much easier and faster to start acquiring a handful of the herbs you want and transplant them. Before you start your little herb garden in your kitchen, you should think about how many plants you will need.

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Herbs such as parsley, coriander, or basil are generally used in large quantities compared to herbs such as bay or rosemary. Perhaps of these last two, one plant of each could suffice. While parsley, coriander, or basil need more than one plant. Of course, consumption already depends on each family.

Small aromatic herb garden in the kitchen

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Of course, well-kept plants will produce a healthier harvest. But you must provide your small herb garden with the basic care so that they thrive in your kitchen. Plants will need light, water, and nutrients occasionally. In reality, this care is very easy but also very important.

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Keep in mind that if you expose the herbs you are growing to inadequate light or water them with too much water, they will be more likely to get pests like mites or aphids. So, by giving them the necessary care they will grow healthy and you will take advantage of their delicious aromas and flavors.

herbs in window

Previously we mentioned that cultivating and making your little one garden herbal in your kitchen wasn’t hard. It really is So, but maybe have some inconvenience with the lack of natural light in your kitchen. Herbs need lots of light to stimulate healthy growth.

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When you go to grow your little one garden in your kitchen, make sure to put them in a window where there is sunlight. If it doesn’t have a good place can then use grow lights. Of course that too It depends on the space you have.

Mini aromatic herb garden with growth light

herbs with growth lamp

Because these lights can be a little big for your little aromatic garden in the kitchen. Although if you have your herbs on the counter or in a small corner, could you get a slightly more compact to grow light system.

Mediterranean cuisine herbs

Or you can too set up a bulb equipped with a simple, inexpensive, and hassle-free incandescent bulb. As for irrigation, remember that you should not exaggerate. Since you can kill your plants. Most herbs, like basil or rosemary, need well-drained soil to grow healthy.

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So you should make sure to plant your herbs in drained pots. Taking advantage of the fact that we have mentioned the pots, we want to indicate that the ones you are going to use should fit well with your plants. The pot should be about two and a half centimeters larger than the size of the brush.

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As we have already mentioned, herbs also need a monthly dose of fertilizer to encourage their fresh and healthy growth. You can use liquid or granular fertilizers. But it is much better that you abstain from organic products when growing edible plants. Any fertilizer you are going to use, remember to read the instructions on the package before using it.

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The most popular aromatic herbs to grow in the kitchen

Basil: This is one of the herbs aromatic more popular, due to the flavor it adds to meals. It is easy to grow, but to grow well indoors, you should give it plenty of natural light or grow light.

Parsley: parsley is very easy to grow indoors and, unlike basil, appreciates high humidity, so water every time you feel your soil dry by hand.

herbs mini kitchen garden

Chive– Chives are the easiest herb to grow and have a mild onion flavor that adds flavor to every meal. Growing chives from seeds is a very slow process. So it is best to start with a pot of chives already developed.

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Coriander: coriander is an herb that adds an intense flavor to Asian and Indian dishes, among others. Starting from the seed, its growth is relatively Quick. But you can find transplants for a faster harvest, although it isn’t a lasting herb.

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Rosemary: Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb with a strong and fresh aroma. It needs a lot of sun, if it is cultivated with insufficient light, rosemary will have slow and low growth.

Oregano: It is slow to grow from seed. So That, it is preferable that you look for healthy seedlings in your market or grow shop. It is also drought tolerant So what shoulds Let the soil dry to the touch between waterings.

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Herb harvesting recommendations

Never remove more than a third of the plant at a time. Herbs like basil and coriander will produce flower buds, but these should be cut. Remember that you will consume the foliage, but not the flowers. Simply cut the buds with scissors or pinch with your fingers. Whenever you need, ask an expert for help with any questions and start creating your little aromatic herb garden in your kitchen.

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