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Bohemian style – Useful tips and ideas

Do you want a more artistic and free-spirited space, but you never had the courage to try it? Then 2019 could be your year to acquire an exciting bohemian style, as it is almost always among the trends of this year’s siaeño and almost every year. One of the characteristics of the bohemian style is that it is about finding what is unique, fun, interesting, artistic and relaxed for a home.

Bohemian style in the interior design


For example, the bohemian style tends to highlight bright colors, complex prints, unique furniture and anything that makes a space unusual. Because of these elements, each boho style has its own unique look. So take a look below to get inspired on how to incorporate this aspect into your home. We have collected a selection of photos with original details.


Nowadays, in relation to style, “boho” is a term used to define things that are unconventional and artistic; however, it helps to understand the roots of bohemian style to achieve an authentic appearance in your home.


So, what does boho really mean? Well, first, it is an abbreviation of the French word bohémien, which refers to the gypsies and is named after a particular group of people who traveled from Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic.

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The word then evolved to include any artist, writer, actor or musician who was often poor and led a nomadic lifestyle, traveling a lot through the main European cities.

Bohemian style in the lounge

Lovers of boho style and culture existed in Greenwich Village in New York City during the 1950s, also known as the beat generation, which eventually gave way to the hippie culture of the sixties and seventies.

Bohemian style details

Today, bohemian is more an adjective than a noun and indicates an aesthetic that takes its influence from the free spirits of past generations. The modern boho-chic look is eclectic, with an emphasis on ethnic and vintage pieces from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Colorful fabrics on the wall

A distinctive key to the boho style is the bold and colorful patterns on the fabrics. Because they look so cultural, they also help give your space a vibe of free spirit and globetrotting common in the boho style, even if you do not travel as much as you would like.

In our pictures today we show you how the use of these prints and textures in unusual ways helps to increase the artistic feeling. For example, you can hang fabric on the wall as an unconventional and free piece of art. The boho style also has high contrast, so feel free to mix and match patterns that would not normally go together, as in the photo above.


Rustic brick and funky furniture for a boho style

Not many people think of combining a boho look with rustic interiors. However, it makes sense. The boho look emerged from the bohemian lifestyle of the 19th century and beyond. Once it was marked by unconventional lifestyles for the time, frugality and a life dedicated to artistic activities. As such, many Bohemians lived in the artistic districts of the large cities, then affordable, and one of the most popular examples is Greenwich Village.


Therefore, by choosing an interior with rustic or industrial style, you can effectively create a feeling of those art district apartments of the early days. You can see in the picture below how the rustic brick is also combined with cushions to form a boho free spirit environment.


Furniture that does not match on purpose

One of the ways to get a boho look with the greatest impact is to look for unusual pieces of furniture. This instantaneously packs a feeling of unconventionality of free spirit. In the photo below you can see how this free-spirited style was achieved by combining a modern-style sofa with leather stools, a peacock chair, and a Moroccan-style coffee table.

Additional elements in the room add to the boho look, too. Textured elements like the pictures on the wall and the chair that add texture. Different patterns create a sense of culture. And there are a lot of very original artistic elements.

bohemian-interior-eclectic style

Choose Chic element such as a single shiny fabric

One way to achieve a boho look that is easier is to choose a single bright fabric as the focal point of the room. A good example is the cover of the bed in the photo below. The neutral colors in the rest of the room help the cover to easily become the focal point.

Once you have your focal point fabric, you can add subtle boho elements around the room. For example, cultural elements such as dream catchers on the bed that help create a boho sensation. Surfboards are a unique twist that adds a sense of extra care.


As you can see, it is difficult to prescribe exactly what a boho space should be. The boho spaces are as unique as possible. So you can combine some of the above ideas or find your own pieces. The real fun with the boho style is to make you unique.


Bohemian-style rooms shout cozy, comfortable and “come sit for a while”. Characterized by a large number of green plants, layers of colors and designs and a healthy combination of eclectic furniture, bohemian rooms are also economical. In fact, the more vintage, often the better. Although there are many excellent examples of bohemian salons that seem to be coming off the cover of a magazine.


If you are looking for something that appeals to you and that provides an interior design to inspire your own Bohemian style space, look at the examples we have in the other article on the subject!


You will like spaces that are attractive, comfortable and, above all, informal. Unpretentious, these rooms combine design styles, eras, patterns and their own je ne sais quoi. They are impressive rooms, but above all, they feel accessible, both to design and to enjoy.


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