Christmas elves duo
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Christmas elves – Cute decoration ideas

Christmas elves duo

We all like the Christmas elves decorations. There is very little left until Christmas arrives, we all look forward to this beautiful time of the year for the magic that characterizes it, for all the decorations and traditions that it brings with it. Today we will talk about the cute and tender Christmas elves. Of its history and of course we will show you the beautiful elves decorations that you can make in your home.

tender Christmas elves

As we all know, elves are very small creatures, which can be female or male. With his ears somewhat pointed, immortal and with magical powers. Some believe that they live within the Earth and others say that in very lush forests, in wells or in beautiful springs, but that it is actually a secret. In the same way, it is believed that the elves leave their secret abode on January 6 to celebrate the last day of Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas elves in the company of reindeer

reindeer christmas elves

A brief history of Christmas elves

Well, going much further back in history. It is said that goblins are linked to Germanic paganism. Which considered the goblins as good beings of light and who belonged to heaven. But over time they began calling them to live on Earth. They said they were magical creatures because they could control everything people see and experience. They were also associated with fungi, because of the psychedelic experience they provide.

Christmas elves represented more angelic with their green wings

Christmas elves children

In the same way, in the pagan era, the Scandinavians believed that they were domestic creatures, who looked after the homes of evil. And that they treated you well if they treated you well. If you treated them badly, they would misbehave with you and if you played with them they would also make jokes. For a long time, the goblins were worshiped and also hated. That depended on how each person was, whether it was good or bad.

Cheerful Christmas elf sitting on the branches of the Christmas tree

Christmas Elves Alegress

It is said that in the mid-1800s, Scandinavians give another meaning or mission to elves. And this mission has been maintained to this day thanks to a work written by Scandinavians very popular at the time. This is associated with Christmas and magic tales and is to help Santa or Santa Claus. That is why during that time they were called to monitor each child to know how they behaved and if they were obedient to their parents and then inform Santa everything.

Tender felt Christmas elf

Christmas elves friends

Children who did not behave well and were not friendly or paid attention to their parents got up on Christmas morning and only received charcoal or twigs instead of gifts. Apart from helping Santa and watching the children see who was good and who was not. It also helped them make toys in their workshop. For a long time, it was believed that Santa and the Christmas elves lived in the North Pole. But it was not until the years of 1925 that they discovered that there are no reindeers in this area.

Santa with snowman and Christmas elf to decorate wine bottles

Christmas elves bottles

They bound in Finland. So it is said is the place where Santa, his wife, reindeer, and his faithful friends must be living Christmas elves. But that, in the same way, is a secret place that nobody can know. Well, some people believe that Santa has only six Christmas elves as an assistant. Which each has its name and its specific task. Alabaster Snowball, who is the administrator of the list of good and naughty children.

Showy Christmas elves

Christmas elves colors

Bushy Evergreen is the inventor of the magic you make toys. Pepper Minstix who is the guardian of the secret of where the village of Santa is located. Shinny Upatree, it is said that this is Santa’s oldest friend and was the one who helped him create the secret village. Sugarplum Mary, she is the boss of the treats, is also known as Mary Christmas and is Mrs. Claus’s assistant and helps in the kitchen. And finally, there is Wunorse Openslae, who is the designer of Santa’s sleigh, responsible for its maintenance and also takes care of the reindeer.

Cute Christmas tree with a face, arms, and legs of a Christmas elf

Christmas elves tree

By the way, it is believed that Santa’s reindeer reach speeds much faster than the lights we put on Christmas trees to decorate them. In the beliefs of Iceland, they say that there are not six elves that help Santa but that they are 13. And that you went to the house the last 13 nights before Christmas to do mischief. Likewise, each one has his name and behavior that characterizes him. In case you are curious about the names of these naughty elves are: Stekkjarstaur, Giljagaur, Stufur, Pvorusleikir, Pottasleikir, Askasleikir, Hurðaskellir, Skyrgarmur, Bjugnakraekir, Gluggagaegir, Gattathefur, Ketkrokur, Kertasnikir.

Originals and great Christmas elves carrying gifts

big christmas elves

Santa’s little Christmas elves, helpers and friends are everywhere. We can see them in spectacular Christmas elf decorations even as favorite characters in the classic Christmas movies. Without a doubt, the goblins became a big part of the Christmas tradition very quickly.

Tender Christmas pixie grabbed by the column

Christmas elves column

And like the reason, we decorate our tree with Christmas lights during the winter season. The elves and part of the Christmas story go back to ancient myths and folklore. You may, of course, remember these happy elves as part of your mother’s or grandmother’s Christmas decorations.

Spectacular small Christmas tree simulating the body of the cute elf

christmas elves cane

Now, once again, you can continue the tradition of decorating your room with the charm that Christmas elves produce. Hang them on the Christmas tree, on the mantelpiece. Anywhere in your house that needs some festive joy. Also a very influential description in the history of Christmas about Santa, he was presented as an old and cheerful elf who gave gifts to families on Christmas Eve. Perhaps, for this reason, Christmas elves were linked with Christmas and Santa.

Cheerful Christmas elves sitting on a Shelf

red christmas elves

As the decades continued to pass and the versatile Christmas stories spread. Santa and his faithful elves became inseparable. Many more poems and stories were born after Clement Clarke Moore published his Christmas poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” That much later he was best known with the title “It was the night before Christmas.” And it was where he described Santa as a cheerful elf.

Naughty Christmas elves hanging from the stair railing

Christmas elves hang

In 1922, the artist Norman Rockwell unveiled a somewhat tired painting of Santa, surrounded by little and elf workers, trying to finish a dollhouse for Christmas on time. Also in a Disney short film in 1932, called Santa’s Workshop, it showed Christmas elves with beards and dressed in blue singing, preparing Santa’s sleigh, brushing reindeer teeth and helping Santa with the list of naughty and nice.

Friendly Christmas elves with a beard

Christmas elves baraba

After all, the goblins began to look nice and friendly for both children and adults. Santa’s Christmas elves, friends and helpers began dating iconic Christmas movies. Where they show them working hard to invent and make cute and creative toys for children who are obedient and kind.

Small Christmas elf in a very striking wreath

Christmas elves crowns

Today, Christmas elves are as popular as Santa. The tender Christmas helpers are now seen in all kinds of Christmas decorations and displays. Appearing in the same way on the lawn, on Christmas cards and without missing the decorative accents for the home.

Leprechauns sitting and smiling in Santa-like outfit

Christmas elves shelf

Particularly in the living room, the tree, the kitchen or the rooms of the little ones. So let’s thank Christmas history and tradition for keeping these little Christmas elves, cheerful helpers, naughty and workers in mind. Which marks the beginning of Christmas and a fun and colorful festive atmosphere.

Beautiful Christmas tree decorated with very cheerful little elves

Christmas elves elves

How to make a Christmas elf for this season

This is a nice and easy DIY Christmas elf, with quite specific steps for you to make as many goblins as you want and decorate your home with these little ones. This DIY is super economical and the materials are very easy to get. Well, when you go to the nearest craft store, acquire the following materials: a 14-inch posable muslin doll shape. A doll face Two pieces of red felt. A piece of white felt. A block of Sculpey clay for hair. You will also need a hot glue gun, or you can sew it, even if you may want some hair glue.

Christmas elves ornament

The first thing you should do is place the pieces and then cut the part of the neck on the face you bought to adapt it well. Maybe you should cut your legs a little. To make them look a little more like the little legs of Christmas elves and cook them again. Once you have a body of the desired size, you can start dressing your little elf.

christmas elves hat

You achieve this by using long rectangular pieces of red felt and stick them on the legs. If you prefer, don’t hit it right. It is always better to leave some space so you can cut if necessary. Remember that this type of doll isn’t uniform. Once your legs are finished, continue with your arms.

Friendly elf decorating the table for Christmas

Christmas elves table

Remember that Christmas elves in DIY, most have their hands in white gloves. So first place a small white piece to create the small gloves and as with the legs seal them with hot glue and be careful not to burn yourself. Now you can cover your arms with red felt just like your legs.

Original leprechaun at the entrance of the house to welcome with joy

Christmas elves outside

For the back, it is the same. Use a piece of rectangular red felt for the front and another for the back. And so you cover their sides and seams won’t be seen. Well, you already have the body of your Christmas elf now we go with the hair. This is very easy, you just have to mold the clay block as you want. And when you have finished molding, place the clay, without the head of the goblin, in the oven as instructed by the packing instructions.

Leprechaun making mischief on the Christmas tree

Christmas elves games

It will take about 15 to 30 minutes at approximately 275ºF. When the time has passed and the clay is ready, let it cool and then paste it on the head of your elf. Already placed the hair you can put his hat. Simply cut out a circle in red and a long blank rectangle. Paste the circle in the shape of a triangle. And if you want you can fill with cotton so you have more stability, then add the white strip. You can also decorate it as you want, and that’s it.

Tender couple of Christmas elves

Christmas elves ledge
Christmas elves laughs

Cute leprechaun with a red suit for simple decoration

christmas elves chair
Christmas elves sled

Leprechaun shoes to make cute and eye-catching decorated

Christmas elves shoes
magical Christmas elves

Peculiar Christmas decoration with legs of elves in fireplace

Christmas elves legs

Affectionate elf wrapped in the crown

Christmas elves small
Christmas elves door

Leprechauns with much more striking and cheerful clothes with bells

Christmas elves couple

Colorful and festive decoration to receive the beautiful season

Christmas elves group

Christmas elf and inflatable unicorn

inflatable christmas elves
Christmas elves together

Christmas tree with Santa’s legs and an elf

Christmas elves legs

A cute couple of loving Christmas elves

Christmas elves feeling
Christmas elves tradition

Magnificent Christmas ribbon wreath with elf

decorative Christmas dundes

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