Classic rooms for Princesses and for babies

If there is a theme that fits perfectly with the classic style it is the Princesses. The classic princess rooms bring elegance and class. If your home is classic, or contemporary, you will like all the photographs that we share today. Inspire yourself in these environments to plan a princess-themed baby room.

Classic rooms of Princesses

Charming detail of the wardrobe with integrated chest of drawers.
habitacion-clasica-princesas-2 "width =" 515 "height =" 502 "srcset =" 515w, https: // 300w, -370x361.jpg 370w "sizes =" (max-width: 515px) 100vw, 515px "/><figcaption class= I love these canopies with a crown design!
habitacion-clasica-princesas-3 "width =" 515 "height =" 502 "srcset =" 515w, https: // 300w, -370x361.jpg 370w "sizes =" (max-width: 515px) 100vw, 515px "/><figcaption class= Classic furniture, light colors and other crown reproduction on the wardrobe.
habitacion-clasica-princesas-4 "width =" 564 "height =" 423 "srcset =" 564w, https: // 300w, -370x278.jpg 370w "sizes =" (max-width: 564px) 100vw, 564px "/><figcaption class= Look at the cloth canopy over the crib, matching the curtains.
habitacion-clasica-princesas-5 "width =" 550 "height =" 550 "srcset =" 550w, https: // 150w, -300x300.jpg 300w, 370w "sizes =" (max-width: 550px) 100vw, 550px "/ ><figcaption class= Have you thought of any color other than pink?
habitacion-clasica-princesas-6 "width =" 564 "height =" 777 "srcset =" 564w, https: // 218w, -370x510.jpg 370w, 421w "sizes =" (max-width: 564px) 100vw, 564px "/ ><figcaption class= A room for two princesses.
room-classica-princesas-7 "width =" 441 "height =" 630 "srcset =" 441w, https: // 210w, -370x529.jpg 370w, 406w "sizes =" (max-width: 441px) 100vw, 441px "/ ><figcaption class=Lovely wallpaper with a classic pattern.
room-classic-princess-8 "width =" 500 "height =" 333 "srcset =" 500w, https: // 300w, -370x246.jpg 370w, 270w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/ ><figcaption class= The cradle integrated into a castle structure, with drawers on the sides.


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