DIY bathroom vanities
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Clever DIY Ideas for Reusable Bathroom Vanities

DIY bathroom vanities

The centerpiece of any bathroom is the vanity, that’s why today we want to show you some DIY bathroom vanity ideas. If you look closely, a dresser isn’t a difficult piece of furniture to make. With all these DIY ideas you can easily make a custom bathroom vanity.

DIY vintage bathroom vanity

With these ideas you can reuse furniture you already have and transform it into a centerpiece for your bathroom, that is. A bathroom vanity isn’t only the furniture that supports the sink. But it also provides space for storage.

DIY original bathroom vanity

Ingenious DIY bathroom vanities

Well, before you start planning your DIY project and creating your new bathroom vanity, you need to think of a few things. You must take into account the humidity of the room. You should also take into account the space you have and the style that best suits your bathroom.

DIY dresser storage open

Although most of the time it is much better to go for a bathroom vanity design that is open. An open dresser apart from being a beautiful option, it is also ideal to keep things ventilated. The DIY dresser shown looks pretty sturdy and solid with a very sturdy wooden frame.

Ideas for a small DIY bathroom vanity

DIY small dressing table

If you have a small bathroom and you can’t find a vanity for the little space you have, then you could also consider an open vanity that is easy to make. Consider a floating vanity, without a doubt, this is one of the easiest DIY you can do for your bathroom. You will only need some wood, a saw, a drill, some screws, and a polyurethane. If you want, you can paint the wood any shade you like to make it look great in your little bathroom.

DIY bathroom vanity reusing a dresser

DIY dresser dresser

You can also reuse an old dresser to make your new bathroom vanity. Transformation work isn’t difficult. If you already have the dresser, you just have to make sure that your sink fits perfectly in the space. You will need to trace the shape of your sink on the top of your dresser and cut out the hole.

DIY dressing table using dresser

Next, you’ll need to cut a hole in the back of the plumbing chest. Now maybe a good time to give your dresser the look you want. You can paint it or if you prefer, you can also leave it its original appearance. Now install the sink, the faucet, and the plumbing and you will have your new vanity.

DIY bathroom vanity with custom trimmed kitchen table

DIY dressing table

Repurposing a small table for DIY bathroom vanity is another great option. Of course, if the table you want to use is a little larger than the space in your bathroom, you can always cut it to size. Don’t worry if you only have to leave two legs.

DIY dressing table using small table

You can perfectly secure your dressing table with the back, attached directly to the wall. Just remember to make sure you measure the sink very well before cutting the table, and that it fits perfectly. If your table doesn’t have drawers for storage, that’s fine. You could use the space under your new DIY bathroom vanity to still store towels or cleaning supplies in boxes or baskets.

Simple DIY Bathroom Vanity Made From Scratch For Beginners

DIY beginner bathroom vanity

Reusing a piece of furniture, most of the time is the easiest and most convenient. Since you could give that piece of furniture a second chance. Although it is also true that, sometimes it is better to throw it away if the furniture is badly treated. So the option to make a dresser from scratch is your best chance to get creative. A DIY bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be fancy. Especially if you prefer a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial style.

DIY bathroom vanity with a rustic flair

DIY rustic bathroom vanity

If you don’t have any furniture like a table or dresser for your DIY bathroom vanity, you also have the option of making bathroom vanity from scratch. You have many different ideas to build your dresser. It can still be an easy DIY project. You could go for a rustic and simple design. You can do it with open or closed storage, depending on your taste and preference.

DIY Completely Rustic Bathroom Vanity with Open Storage

DIY simple headdress

Keep in mind that sometimes the most outstanding details of a DIY bathroom vanity have to do with elements such as the sink that you have or want to obtain. Also the height of the furniture and the type of storage you prefer. If the sink is a container, then it is recommended that the height of the counter is low. So you may not be able to have many storage drawers. But still, you can place small shelves to have open storage and solve the problem.

Small dresser with built-in mirror converted into bathroom vanity

DIY mirror headdress

Vanities with attached mirrors are a must-have DIY bathroom vanity. This simple dressing table that you can see in the image, it was sanded and painted red to create a much more striking look. East It stands out a lot within the neutral color scheme of the bathroom. A white sink and an off-center tap, emphasizes a lot of originality.

The kitchen cabinet transformed into a double sink vanity

DIY headdress with kitchen cabinet

As you may have noticed, planning for DIY bathroom vanity projects sometimes comes from other areas of the house. This cabinet used to be in the kitchen area, but now it works perfectly as a double sink vanity. It has plenty of space for storage, both in drawers and open space in the center.

Very functional farmhouse style DIY bathroom vanity

DIY bathroom vanity straight lines

Remember that the dresser should not be something super elegant. You can simply opt for a draft DIY basic for your DIY bathroom vanity. As you can see in the image above, the DIY bathroom vanity has a box shape, which can be assembled very easily. With a piece of furniture So could you play with color or other details to make it stand out or change a bit to make it look interesting.

Restored bathroom vanity with new paint to change its look

DIY dressing table repair

If you want to save time, work, and money, then you can think about doing some repairs to the bathroom vanity you already have. Well yes, instead of making a dresser from scratch or conditioning a dresser or other furniture, you can repair the one you already have in your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity makeover with new color and different knobs

DIY vanity bathroom restoration

Perhaps you can fill in the cracks or cover the scratches that your current bathroom vanity may have. In the same way, you can give it a new color, to change its appearance in a remarkable way. The biggest change would be to give your bathroom vanity a whole new color. You could also change the knobs, in short, all this will make a big difference in your current dresser.

DIY dressing table change paint

Certainly, a little paint goes a long way for a lot of DIY projects. With that, apart from giving a new image to your bathroom vanity, you can also adapt it much better to the style and color of the bathroom. And the best thing is that no would spend a lot of money and would you save a lot of time and work.

DIY bathroom vanity with open storage and bottom drawers

DIY vanity bathroom large storage

Perhaps one of the reasons you want to make a vanity for your bathroom is that you need a little more storage space. Of course, many DIY ideas can inspire you for your new project. The dressing table seen in the image has two large drawers at the bottom. Also an open section in the middle where you can also store items that take up much more space such as towels and toilet paper rolls, among others.

Small bathroom vanity with a door disguised as drawers

DIY vanity bathroom small space

Finding a small vanity for a small bathroom is often difficult. Even the few small dressers that can be found on the market are very limited in designs and styles. So a DIY bathroom vanity is usually your best option. The design that the image above shows is very cute and simple. Also, it is a very efficient bathroom vanity, as it has doors disguised as drawers and with an open storage shelf at the bottom.

Beautiful DIY Bathroom Vanity With Double Sink Vintage Style

DIY double sink bathroom vanity

Even if you have space and wish to have a double sink bathroom vanity, it isn’t difficult to manufacture either. You could simplify the job a bit by building a bathroom vanity with large open shelves for storage, or maybe you can combine them with drawers. It all depends on the time and work you want to dedicate to your DIY project.

Bathroom vanity for small space updated with a new color

DIY simple bathroom vanity

This is indeed a very simple dressing table, but it has small details that add a lot to its design. The drawer handles are very elegant and at the same time, they give a modern look to this small dresser. The black finish is an interesting option.

Old vintage sewing machine station used for a small bathroom vanity

DIY dresser with sewing machine

The truth is there is a lot of furniture that you could use for DIY bathroom vanities. In the image above you can see how they have reused a vintage sewing machine station, this is very ingenious and adds character to the bathroom. They simply removed the sewing machine and replaced it with a sink, leaving the rest as is.

Amazing DIY Bathroom Vanity Using a Wooden Barrel

DIY dressing table with barrel

Here’s another nifty DIY bathroom vanity idea by repurposing a wooden barrel. If you look closely at the image, you notice that the transformation from a wooden barrel to a bathroom vanity is also very easy. Of course, you must take into account that the sink fits perfectly in the upper space of the barrel. This DIY project is truly ingenious, both for the item they chose for the dresser and for creatively hiding the plumbing. Of course, wood also adds a touch of warmth to the bathroom.

Ingenious idea for DIY bathroom vanity with a bicycle

DIY bicycle dressing table

There are so many things so incredible that people use for DIY bathroom vanities that are not believed until they are seen. This is the case of a bicycle as a bathroom vanity. Well yes, a bicycle, would there never be thought right? Of course, a bicycle isn’t designed to be used as part of a piece of furniture, and that is why the original and The fantastic From this project. The small bathroom vanity is fixed to both the bike frame and the wall. You even have a small space to store some towels on your handlebar. So, if you want to replace your bike with a new one, don’t throw away the old one and take advantage of it to renew your bathroom vanity.

Original DIY bathroom vanity with the half wooden barrel

DIY half barrel dressing table

Instead of using the entire wooden barrel, this DIY idea is just as cool and original. It doesn’t need any extra decorations. The wood together with the iron slats and the delicate faux marble sink add a unique charm to any bathroom.

Great DIY Bathroom Vanity Idea With Sliding Doors

DIY dressing table sliding doors

This bathroom vanity is simple but it makes it stand out, are its sliding doors. It has closed central storage with wooden drawers. The faucet, the sink top along with the black door rails undoubtedly make it a statement centerpiece. They are small details but very impressive.

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DIY practical bathroom vanity
DIY unique bathroom vanity
DIY various bathroom vanity

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