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Colors to paint a hallway – 24 ideas

Today we are going to see new colors to paint a hallway, do not miss our selection of twenty-four images. Corridors are one of the last areas we think of when decorating our homes, and it’s a shame because we use them quite often. Turning a boring hallway into a beautiful space can be simple and have a big impact on the overall appearance and feel of your home.

Colors to paint a corridor – 24 great ideas

lovely light blue corridor

When planning to paint your hallway, it is important to consider the size of the space, the visual relationship with the other rooms and the amount of lighting in the hallway. Type of painting is also an important consideration.

Original ideas for painting corridors and hallways

original ideas paint corridors

Hallways are areas of high traffic and it is important to choose high durability washable paints. There are brands that are specially formulated to resist tearing, wear and marking, and allow dirt and stains to be easily removed.

Original colors to paint a hallway

colors to paint a hallway

If you are considering repainting your hallway, here are three very useful tips to start: create illusions of color. Use color to correct spaces that have an irregular shape, such as a corridor that is long and narrow. Paint the walls that are long in a lighter color and the shorter wall in a dark color to compress the space.

Ideas to decorate the white walls of the corridor

decorate white walls corridor

To make a narrow corridor look bigger, paint the ceiling a very dark color, which creates the feeling that the walls are higher. Another way to create the effect of more volume in a hallway is to paint architectural details such as door frames, window frames, moldings and cut out the same shadow as the walls. If you want to add height to a closed space, a crisp white roof will do the trick.

Decorate the walls in beige salmon and gray

decorate salmon and gray walls

Coordinate tonality with adjacent rooms. If the hallway has fixed openings to other rooms, choose the colors of the paint that coordinate through the area to give the visual flow of the space. Hallway rooms that have doors that can be closed offer more freedom of color.

Decorate the vibrant red corridor

decorate intense red hallway

When it comes to painting small spaces the general rule is to use light and neutral colors such as beige, gray or white to make space look bigger. Playing safely with neutral colors also helps illuminate the area and ensure that the corridor is coordinated with the color schemes in the adjoining rooms.

Original mint green corridor design

hallway color green mint

Cover the walls with creativity. For corridors that can withstand the most vibrant color, yellow is a favorite and can range from soft tones to the brightest and brightest. Choose a grayish blue if space gets some natural light, or a pink one off to add heat.

Great hall effect: Gradient

super retro hall painting

Light pink or pale green give the hall a shabby chic touch, while antique whites and creams give a classic look. More dramatic colors such as red, brown and black, framed by the light color setting, can be used to create a stunning space. Keep in mind that since the walls in the hallway are close together, the color will appear more intense than in other rooms.

Original ideas for painting an entrance hall

original ideas paint a hallway

A warm color for the end wall and a lighter color, cooler for the sides could make a dramatic difference. To maximize the effect of the dark color at the end, you could also paint that door and all the ornaments in the hallway of the same dark color.

Great decoration of hallway walls

original decoration walls corridor

As for the specific colors, we recommend gray, beige or something fun like navy blue or seafoam for the final wall and the door.

Beautiful corridor painting in light blue aquamarine

beautiful painting corridor color aquamarineFor the side walls and doors, we suggest white. Or, if you want to keep the white border in the corridor, you can paint yourself, including the final wall, white, or use the cream on the walls and white on the doors.

Original decoration of hallway walls

original decoration led lights

You may also want to consider if you need all those doors. If you remove one or two, perhaps to a room that is used as a guest room or an office, it would be added to the visual width of the hallway.

Original designs of entrance corridors

original designs decorations corridorsOr, if several doors are covering cabinets, consider removing a door and converting that closet into a storage area with open shelving. Of course, for this to be an improvement, you need to store pretty neat and attractive things there.

Original hall design with colored beams

walls beams aisle colors

Hallway decorated with black and white horizontal bands

Hallway walls black bands

Intense purple hallway wall design

purple hallway wall

Modern blue corridor design

modern hall color blue

Modern hallway design with white walls

original modern hall

Intense turquoise hallway decoration

Intense turquoise hallway

Original colors to paint a hallway

modern hall color white

Original decoration of hallway walls

decoration vintage hall walls

Light pink corridor with navy blue door

hallway color pink door blue

Nice turquoise retro style hallway painting

paint hall retro style turquoise

Ideas and colors to paint a corridor

lovely deco hall design

Beautiful corridor painted light gray

lovely light gray hallway