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Garden decoration, current trends for 2019 –

garden decoration colors

We are already in the spring of 2019 and we think that this is the opportune moment to present the current trends in the decoration of gardens shared by some of the leading designers of the Garden Designers Society of the United Kingdom. In the present article, we will pay attention to all the elements that are part of the decoration of gardens including the plantation, the materials for the landscape and the design styles that we can incorporate in our gardens to obtain a modern look in 2019.

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Current trends in garden decoration

Garden made from the theme of climate change

Gardening in the conditions of a changing climate will become a key trend by 2019. Designer Sue Townsend says she is creating more green gardens to cope with extreme weather conditions in the UK in recent years. His advice is to plant the right plants for the conditions of each garden, store water and allow excess water to collect and then dissipate through the soil.

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His colleague Joe Perkins agrees and says he often designs sowing schemes that are drought resistant and has realized that his customers are now less likely to pamper the plants with next-generation irrigation systems because they consider that is more responsible from the environmental point of view the use of plants that can be seen to fend for themselves.

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In this way, garden owners can avoid unnecessary waste of water and show their ecological conscience but without sacrificing the modern design of their garden.

Garden decoration 2019

Decoration of gardens. New tendencies

House plants and hanging plants

The sculptural and architectural plants will dominate in 2019. Garden designer Joe Perkins says that “the continued increase in the popularity of indoor plants is being translated outside with exotic style plants with leaves and architectural stems that make bold statements inside and outside. “

decoration of gardens pavements

Joe also states that today we use more hanging plants in our gardens. However, it isn’t about traditional baskets, but plants with foliage, color, and texture that can be used as accessories or as a complement to pots and planters.

external living area

Garden decoration

The interior meets the exterior

Both Darren Hawkes and Barbara Samitier believe that the colorful approach of the interiors will be transferred to the garden in 2019. Darren Hawkes predicts the advent of bold printing, conflicting colors and the inclusion of large-leaved plants in our gardens. Think that we should “take the kitsch to the garden” by introducing the bed plants in brightly colored pots or letting some colorful pompoms occupy a central place.

decoration-of new gardens tendncias

On the other hand, garden designers hope that industrial and recovered materials and encaustic tiles will be used more and more in urban gardens to complement current trends in the interior.

decoration of modern gardens

Garden decoration 2019

Corners for teenagers

Karen Rogers believes that the growing demand for teens meeting centers in the gardens will pick up momentum in 2019. Karen designs these gardens with secluded corners or separates seating areas with outdoor fires or fireplaces. She says: “these spaces require intelligent selection by the neighbors, as well as good lighting and plants that absorb as much noise as possible.”

decoration of small gardens

Joe Perkins expects the trend of campfires, outdoor kitchens, and other lifestyle accessories to continue into the new year as we want our gardens to be a setting for sharing experiences with friends and family.

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Wild and free

In landscape decorating, nature is in the foreground in 2019, says designer Louise Harrison-Holland of Blue Tulip Garden Design and we will see continued support for wildlife corridors in the wider urban landscape. Louise says: “The move towards a slightly looser and wilder style of garden design and decoration will help support this initiative.”

garden decoration trends

Jon Sims of Alladio Sims shares the idea: “we will see a movement towards more natural and less cared for gardens, which we create with a combination of strong architectural styles and abundant naturalist plantations”.

Garden design

Garden decoration 2019


Warm and vibrant colors

According to Sue Townsend MSGD, the most striking colors are ready to return to our gardens in 2019. Sue predicts vibrant and warm colors combined with sensual lilacs and blues, while Barbara Samitier expects to see a shift away from the blue and pink palette. Colors that have become so familiar in our gardens in recent years. She says: “Do not be surprised to see a change to orange and even yellow, which has taken a back seat in many gardens in recent times.”

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The designer Jon Sims expects the increase in the use of porcelain in the decoration of gardens, which means that it won’t be long before the demand for porcelain items SW color for interiors increases as well. He foresees a decrease in the use of replica stone in the garden and an increase in the range of colors and patterns in hard materials.

Garden decoration trends2019

For a garden that suggests luxury, designers recommend combining red and purple along with gray and gray blues in the foliage of plants. A trend is also present especially among younger garden enthusiasts looking to design their outdoor space as they would in an interior room, using accessories or brightly colored furniture. Experts warn that simplicity and repetition are the keys to success here.

design of Wabi Sabi gardens

Garden decoration 2019

Materials.Crazy foods

It is expected that crazy paving, carbonized woods and gabion walls will dominate in 2019. Sue Townsend says: “I never thought I would say this, but paving and crazy steps using large irregular slabs are in trend, the bigger, best”.

design of fashionable gardens

Sue also foresees the continued popularity of porcelain flooring which, according to her, resembles real stone, but due to its low moisture absorption it has an anti-slip quality that is really useful in shaded areas and around swimming pools.

garden design ideas

Walls and multiple metals

Garden designer Barbara Samitier confesses to being obsessed with log walls and says: “They can act like a characteristic wall, a boundary or a screen while providing a necessary habitat for insects and a wide variety of wildlife.”

Garden design 2019

He also hopes that we will see more metal in the Garden since “it is such a versatile material that it lends itself to many applications”. Barbara is designing metal arches and pergolas for many of her current projects. She has incorporated metal walkways, mirrored stainless steel and corten steel perforated in her gardens in walls and pergola ceilings.

gabion walls

Gabion walls

Both Louise Harrison-Holland and Barbara Samitier are introducing more gabion-style walls and structures into the design of their gardens. Louise predicts that stonework will be used less structured in 2019 and when used vertically it will look more like a “rubble” wall, but this image will soften with the plants planted around it. She says: “I have noticed a shift away from rigid modernism towards a style that still retains a solid geometry but is tempered with a selection of materials in softer tones.”

garden design trends

Use of charred wood in the garden

Get ready to see more carbonized wood coatings in the gardens this year. Jon Sims has been experimenting with Shou-Sugi-Ban and is also introducing concrete with a shutter in his projects. He foresees that more designers use charred wood in the decoration of gardens since this material offers numerous options in terms of color and unusual shapes … and also durability.

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Wild meadows and evergreen vegetation

Many designers have been experimenting with wildflowers and evergreens in 2018 and this trend also continues in 2019. The good news is that you don’t need a large plot to incorporate them into your garden, as garden designer Sue Townsend explains: “Really I enjoyed creating small and medium-sized meadows in many of the gardens I designed this year. The most exciting adventure was to plant my first perennial meadow. It will take some years to grow enough, but my clients love to see how it develops. In a few years, it will provide interest from April to the end of November with relatively little maintenance. “

garden design ideas

Louise Harrison-Holland also applauds this trend in the decoration of gardens and hopes that the plants evoke a looser and less trimmed feeling and that the gardens look a little wilder in 2019. She says of the meadows “I see designers trying to recreate this aspect with a mixture of perennial plants and herbaceous grasses that have a more permanent structure, aided by the increasing use of shrubs on the edges of the garden. In this way, the designers will work with a greater number of plant species, which will create a much more flexible planting style.

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Garden decoration 2019

Making a remarkable first impression

Yes, a well-designed front yard adds an exterior appeal, but the most important thing is that it creates a sense of joy every time you return home. Homeowners and designers are already looking for creative ways to create an impressive entrance, and we don’t imagine that they will stop soon.

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Here are some ideas to try in your front yard:

Add seasonal containers
Includes scented plants along the entrance path
Install special lighting to make the trip to the front door both dramatic and easy

design of gardens entrance

Incorporate plants with flowers that complement the color of your entrance door.
Sow plants in the crevices and between the stones of the corridors to add even more interest

garden design relaxation corners

Include unexpected elements in the garden decoration

Objects that are not traditionally used in the decoration of gardens (such as sticks, leaves, dried seeds, fruit, etc.) are becoming increasingly popular in the world of garden design, and it is very likely that have something unique that really reflects the season in your own backyard.

design of gardens and terraces

Not only will you create something wonderful, but we believe that going out and looking at your plants with new eyes is a refreshing activity that is good for the soul. If possible, we suggest you bring a small child with you to participate in this activity. Often the little ones are good enough to think outside the box and find beauty in the unexpected!

garden design trends

Include foods in gardens of all sizes

Although growing food is by no means a new trend, it seems that now more than ever, consumers have a great interest in knowing where their food comes from and how they are growing. And the ability to grow your own food isn’t limited to people with acres of land. Gardeners are discovering that they can grow a surprising amount of food in a limited space.

natural meadow in the garden

If you are looking to test your ability to grow food but don’t think you have enough space, consider:

Add a flowerbed on your front or back porch to start
Investigate ornamental edible plants that you can incorporate into your current garden design

lavender garden plants

Hang pots with condiments from the eaves of your house or in front of the kitchen window
Grow herbs on your walls with creating a vertical garden that can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

interior garden design

Invest in furniture that will last

There are many outdoor furnitures available and unfortunately, many of us have discovered that some of them are … well … cheap and therefore don’t last more than a season.

modern gardens 2019

After discovering that you really get what you pay for when it comes to garden furniture, we foresee a change in favor of investing in weather resistant and quality pieces that last and can serve you for many years. There’s nothing like a classic iron bench next to a rose garden or a durable chaise-longue with fading-resistant fabric that you can count on year after year.

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