Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Giorgio Baroni
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Ideas to decorate the terrace

After the long winter, we open the doors of our patios and terraces in search of a ray of sun and what we find is a desolate space, without furniture and without a trace of life. Just like we change the wardrobe every season, our terrace needs a review after months closed.

First of all, we must clean the space and bring to light all the furniture and objects that we have. It is very important to recycle furniture from one year to another, but we can also incorporate new trends. We can always Acquire new pieces and current objects that give new air to our terrace.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Giorgio Baroni

Photography: Giorgio Baroni

If you are thinking about reforming, redecorating or simply updating the image of your patio or terrace, we will give you the main ones keys and the latest trends so that this year the bull doesn’t catch you.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy their outdoor space this year, no matter how small. Whether you have a balcony overlooking the street, an interior patio or an impressive terrace with a pool, with these ideas you will make this year look like never before.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: My Domaine

Photography: My Domaine

One of the elements that can not be missing in a terrace with style is undoubtedly the plants. There are many reasons to include plants in decoration but above all, you must take into account that they will be the ones that bring life and joy to an off space. On the floor, hanging from the ceiling, in planters … any corner is good to show them off.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Norm Architects

Photography: Norm Architects

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Bart Kiggen

Photography: Bart Kiggen

The choice of furniture will depend on the space we have and our needs. We can choose furniture specially designed for the exterior or take advantage of recycled materials, like pallets or wooden boxes to make our own furniture low cost. The options provided by this type of objects are multiple.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: © Angelica Marie

Photography: © Angelica Marie

The touch of color on your terrace will be the cushions and Acapulco chairs, the most desired summer model. And if you still want more joy, don’t hesitate to incorporate Tropical style elements: flamingos, pineapples, cactus … combine perfectly with your cane furniture.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Pensaoagricola

Photography: Pensaoagricola

For those who want a more informal style, they will find puffs, hammocks or hanging chairs the ideal complement. And to top it all off look doesn’t forget to incorporate a vinyl carpet with ethnic print and a garland of light bulbs, your terrace will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Archiproducts

Photography: Archiproducts

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: Old brand new

Photography: Old brand new

If we have enough space and budget, don’t cut and get yourself a pool and a space to organize meals outdoors. The running tables and micro-cement countertops They are ideal to get the current style your terrace needs.

Ideas for decorating the terrace - Photo: The Falling Water Slanscape

Photography: The Falling Water Slanscape

In the opposite case of having a small terrace or a balcony, make the most of the space betting on chairs and small tables or benches in the shape of “L”. The size isn’t at odds with our outdoor time.

Ideas for decorating the terrace- Photo: The little guide

Photography: The little guide

Ideas to decorate the terrace - Photo: Habitissimo Projects

Photography: Habitissimo Projects

Don’t you imagine already with a mojito on your terrace?

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