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Kitchens 2021 – What is the trend in kitchens 2021? –

Today we present you the most current 2021 kitchen design trends and ideas for this year. We have looked for information so that you have summarized in an article what the experts say and what are their thoughts and points of view on the main trends in the kitchen design that will dominate in 2021. We also added some solutions in photos that will help you get inspired. Regardless of the property in question, investing in a kitchen can be invaluable both for your home and for increasing resale value. Check out the latest design trends to help you choose the right style for your home.

Knowing the fashion trends in kitchen design 2021 is a great opportunity to diversify the interior without high costs. Simply repaint the walls, add colorful chairs, and modern decor.

kitchens 2021-trends experts-ideas

Kitchens 2021 – Compact and thoughtful design

Whether it’s narrow, square, or irregular kitchen designs, the premium compact design comes to the rescue. More and more homeowners choose to benefit from every meter of living space and improve the efficiency of the allocated space. Therefore, compactness is a modern design solution.

kitchens 2021-compact-design

Feel free to add a kitchen island or breakfast bar. If the allocated space doesn’t allow you to place the object, try to make it compact and oversized so that this interior detail doesn’t restrict movement in the kitchen. Choosing an open or mobile island will preserve access to all kitchen areas and provide additional seating options. Drawers for storing things and kitchen utensils can be placed under the countertop of the island.

Kitchens 2021 – Dark finish for kitchen surfaces

Modern designers prefer dark colors in kitchen finishes. This trend has emerged as a result of the shift towards two-tone kitchens. Darker countertops are offset by lighter furniture and bright accents. This color scheme in the interior is suitable for rooms of any size and creates an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

kitchens 2021-trends-color-black

Many people think that shades like black and dark gray are contrasting colors. Using them on surfaces like countertops, floors, and aprons will help make a room feel very cozy. Especially when paired with textured wood for a rustic, homey feel. Hoods In the kitchens of the future, hoods will have a new look. There is a shift towards downdraft extraction systems. These devices remove odors and vapors directly at the source, that is, directly from the stove, and direct them down before they have time to enter the air.

kitchens 2021-black-countertops-ideas

This is especially important in open-plan kitchens, where a high-ceiling hood can create a visual barrier and spoil the interior of the entire room. The surface cooker hood allows for more creative design possibilities and reflects the trend towards a minimalist and professional style.

kitchens 2021-white-countertop

Kitchens 2021 – Structured simplicity

The trend toward modernized kitchens will soon reach new heights. This minimalist approach creates a relaxing space with clean, flowing lines. This is easy to achieve and practicality is key. It’s about choosing high-quality materials and items that prioritize clean lines and functionality. In these kitchens, it is very important to have built-in appliances and hidden drawers so as not to disturb the smooth lines.

kitchens 2021-simple-structure

Kitchens 2021 – Two Tone Kitchens

Forget about kitchens where everything combines tone on tone. Kitchens are becoming increasingly mixed in the new decade. The trend towards a two-color combination in the interior of the kitchen will increase dramatically in the 2020/21 season. This is a great way to add flavor to your home’s aesthetic. This color scheme can completely change the perception of a room. Pick deep dark elements and pair them with brighter contrasting hues to add depth and character to space.

kitchens 2021-trends-color-green

The trend extends not only to the contrasting color of the walls. It is used for all objects in the interior of the kitchen, from cabinets to countertops. You can play with rich textures like wood, matte finish, or smooth laminate. Their combination generates instant interest.

Kitchens 2021 – Furniture and accessories in green

In recent years everything has focused on the dark blue color. Recent trends tell us that kitchens will be greener in the future. These will be tiles and furniture in emerald or forest shades. The trend towards bold dark tones has continued throughout 2020 and green kitchen cabinets will be a key stylistic choice as we approach 2021. Green can be just as spectacular and luxurious when used in the kitchen.

Deep forest greens can be balanced with latte tones, smoked glass, and soft metallic to add luxury to the kitchen. Add brass and white marble elements to design elements such as lighting, countertops, or even accessories. This will offset heavier tones. And it will reflect light in space.

Kitchens 2021 – Mysterious blue tones

While green is the undisputed leader, shades of navy blue are still in demand when choosing kitchen cabinets.

Midnight blue has recently become a new trend when it comes to choosing a color for kitchen interiors. It looks sophisticated and dramatic. The home improvement giant reports that Pinterest users searched 45% more for this elegant shade over the past year. Ian continues: The unique hue stands out even more against the light-colored countertops and silver accents.

Kitchens 2021 – Soothing tones

While dark colors continue to dominate cabinets, we are seeing a growing trend towards soft tones for walls and freestanding furniture.

Give new life to your kitchen with the insertion of delicate soft colors. The key moment in 2021 will be to bring soothing qualities to the home, and the notes of deep pink, soft gray, and sage green will create a feeling of freshness.

Kitchens 2021 – Mixers

No kitchen is complete without them, so it’s time to let them shine!

Industrial brass faucets with quirky handles and design features are a great way to grab attention and complement a space.

Kitchens 2021 – Built-in appliances

While there are tons of new kitchen gadgets and utensils coming to our kitchens in 2021, we don’t need to see them.

The trend of hiding home appliances is expected to gain popularity. Homeowners analyze the aesthetics of the appliances they integrate into their kitchens. So built-in appliances that create a streamlined finish without sacrificing style are key.

How can you put so much equipment in the kitchen, hiding it from the eyes of the neighbors? You can hide appliances like a refrigerator or a dishwasher with simple cabinets. The special design of the storage boxes will help to free up the countertop. A hidden station will be popular, preventing the kettle and toaster from cluttering up the countertop. It helps create a dedicated area where you can sit and enjoy your breakfast.

Toast and Tea Station – Sounds good. Smart Storage Boxes As we strive to eliminate clutter for our overall well-being, designers make storage boxes a key element. This is especially true in the kitchen, where we need a lot of things, from ingredients to cookware and other utensils. Well-placed, built-in storage drawers add a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

One of the most coveted design features will be the kitchen pantry. Living Room Furniture With the growing popularity of open-plan living rooms, it’s no wonder that living room furniture is becoming more popular in kitchens. Now more than ever, kitchens are the heart of our home, so creating a comfortable and well-designed space is essential.

Kitchen lighting offers homeowners freedom of choice. Spectacular design pendants are being used more and more in the kitchen interior. Although the use of spotlights is still key, there is a tendency to bring the interior of the kitchen closer to the living room. Lighting plays an important role in this.

Single pendant lamps, most commonly used in kitchens and dining rooms, are retreating into the background. Brass is a nice addition to kitchen design. In modern kitchens, we see more and more warm brass tones. Brass is the perfect shade to accent modern blue and green kitchen cabinets while adding sophistication. According to experts, hardware can make an interior unique and expressive.

Faucets, hinges, and handles are often overlooked. They can really transform kitchen design. These are the finishing touches that will help complete the interior. A modern interpretation of traditions Traditional styles will continue to be popular in 2021. But they should be adapted to modern realities. The framed facade is a tribute to a tradition that today looks great when done in modern tones.

Choose a traditional design but trendy colors that give your kitchen a modern look.

Kitchens 2021 – Industrial

The use of raw materials rich in nuances and textures in kitchen design will increase. Amber, gold, and rust, together with copper slate and Italian concrete, create a unique aesthetic in the modern industrial style kitchen.

Dining islands

We all know that islands and breakfast bars can be a place for daily dinner, as well as work and storage. But designers argue that this trend is reaching a whole new level.

In these configurations, the kitchen island has an additional dining area. This means that you can not only store utensils on the island but also add a built-in dining area. Whenever we invite guests or take a break, we want to be able to combine cooking and socializing. What better way to accomplish this than with integrated island seating.

Kitchens 2021 – Emphasis on the floor

The trick is to shift your focus to the ground and keep everything else more restricted and minimal. This modern kitchen can be designed with handleless fronts in one of the shades of gray for the tiles. Avoid wall cabinets – use open shelves instead and place a sleek, white, durable composite worktop over any base unit.

Decorative tiles can look impressive when zoning in an open kitchen. It looks beautiful next to wooden planks, adding warmth to a bright space. Kitchens divided into zones Open-plan kitchens have revolutionized the organization of living space, but in this case, certain nuances must be taken into account.

Designers seek complete freedom from style restrictions


Today there are no rigid frames to follow a particular style


The uniqueness of the interior and its personification come to the fore

Laconic design and minimalism in details are in current fashion

A major trend in new kitchens is the combination of kitchen and living space


Give up large freestanding appliances


The concept of technology makes the kitchen “invisible”


It is better to choose a completely recessed hood

Island kitchen design is one of the key trends


The kitchen should clearly fulfill its functions, but at the same time the atmosphere itself should create a feeling of peace and comfort


The desire for laconism and simplicity has long dominated the interior design of various styles


The solution in 2021 will be a minimalist kitchen, although a certain simplicity and asceticism can be seen in other stylistic trends.


The very concept of minimalist style in the new kitchens has changed slightly

Instead of monotonous and contrasting black and white combinations, original matte gray and natural wood tandems came into fashion


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