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Luxurious wallpaper – why is it always the best option? –

Are you trying to decide between the Wallpaper and the painting? In this article, you will learn the benefits of wallpaper over painting. And why wallpaper is your ideal choice to create the most durable and captivating ambiance for your interiors.

Wallpaper painted – benefits

painted wallpaper

When designing a space, there is a wide range of elements and tools that can help you add texture, pattern, color, and depth to space. A rich space incorporates all these features and a focal point to create a well-designed and layered scheme.

luxurious wallpaper

There are several ways to treat your walls and ceilings, however, wallpaper is the only method by which you can achieve all these design qualities. Therefore, printed wallpaper is the easiest and least expensive way to drastically transform a space without changing many other elements.

wall paper design

A wallpaper is beneficial not only for its aesthetic appearance but also adds to the longevity and durability of its walls. Even when working with solid colored wallpaper it is more beneficial, durable and cost-effective, as it adds a protective layer to the wall that is washable. In addition, you can add very subtle texture and depth to a visual interest that can not be achieved with just a simple layer of paint. Once you have explored the possibilities that your contemporary wallpaper provider can offer you, you must inevitably leave behind your misconceptions of wallpaper and learn its positive benefits.

wallpaper with patterns

Let’s start by eliminating the myth or the perception that the wallpaper is difficult to clean. There is a range of cleaning options for each product, although most are washable with a light sponge. If your problem is the installation or removal of the wallpaper, the new technology allows you to remove it from the wall in a single strip, without problems or hassles.

awesome wall paper

The cliché of “the grandmother’s house” has died. The old patterns were the superficial impressions that had no texture and were limited in terms of model, style, and range of colors. The new wallpapers break this frame bringing new colors, textural surfaces, and contemporary details.

Wallpaper Ideas

autumnal wall paper

We must also put an end to the impression that wallpaper is no longer fashionable and is a decorative element of past generations. The new patterns are fashionable and are constantly used by interior designers, bloggers, and are offered in design publications.

green wall paper

If you believe that it is an expensive coating, you are wrong. Like paint, wallpaper has a range of price points to keep all users in mind, and long-term wallpaper will outlast paint, saving future expenses.

nice wallpaper

The wallpaper is durable and can meet the needs of different lifestyles and applications, supporting the wear and tear of children or conditions in high traffic areas. According to life-cycle analysis, it was established that wall coverings can now last five times longer than paint under typical conditions of use.

super wall paper

While wallpaper may require a little more knowledge to apply, most wallpaper designs will have a lifespan between 10 and 15 years, making the work last a long time once it is installed. On the other hand, a painted wall cracks over time and requires more frequent cleaning to stay cool. It is likely that repainting will be necessary after a few years and, in turn, requires more work than just papering.

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painted paper

Washable painted wallpaper means that the wallpaper can be cleaned lightly with a sponge or a damp cloth and a simple detergent solution to remove the dirt. This makes it ideal for busy spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

wallpaper with prints

Washable wallpaper with friction means that the wallpaper can resist washing with a brush and a specific detergent solution. These wallpapers are more durable than common washable painted wallpaper and can handle mild detergent that is more useful in heavy areas of wear such as a kitchen, a bathroom or a washing machine room. The friction washable wallpapers will end the fear of cleaning the wallpaper and also make the wallpaper have a more durable life than painting.

nice wallpaper

In cases where we want to hide a wall, as in cases where the walls are damaged, cracked, uneven or not perfectly aligned, the wallpaper can be useful to mask the imperfections, which would be more noticeable with just paint. Painting and wallpaper have the ability to animate spaces, but wallpaper goes a step further with its ability to disguise flaws.

super wallpaper

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Modern style painted wallpaper is also removed in full sheets when you are ready for an update; Simply pull a corner and remove the entire strip from the wall without tools or discomfort. Where you need to pay more attention to the application of the wallpaper is in the match of the patterns and around the corners.

awesome wallpaper

While the old styles of the 70s and 80s may not have come in a wide range of models and colors, now you can find any style to appeal to all generations, individuals, and spaces. Wallpaper can help bring warmth and depth to a room, which can not be achieved with paint.

vintage wallpaper

Wallpaper also gives you the ability to really show your personality and style with a wide range of models, prints, and colors available. The designs that have metallic details and play with lighting bring a greater sense of curiosity, exploration, intrigue, and interaction with the environment as a whole for the creation of highly dynamic space. The patterns are available in several scales, from small to medium or large to fit any space.

colorful wallpaper

Whether you are defining an accent wall or you are painting a whole space, the options are endless with matte finishes, glass beads, patterns, mica, and textural vinyl. Some of the most popular styles include faux finishes ranging from concrete slabs, grain wood, stone walls, skins and bricks for a very realistic look. These styles are available as residential coatings and often as a wallpaper mural, which is also currently a top trend in wallpaper with its high-quality digital printing. Metallic finishes, including glass beads, mica, and iridescent inks or sheets are also a very popular trend in terms of wallpaper.

wallpaper with sunflowers

Digital murals are the latest in development that gives you the ability to do virtually anything with your wallcovering by creating custom designs using your own high-quality images or by simply modifying an existing design to achieve exactly the look you envision.

blue wallpaper

The printed wallpaper is definitely in trend with its new cutting-edge technologies and contemporary styles to give your home a designer look.

brick wallpaper metro

While in the short term it would seem that painting is a more profitable option, if you calculate long-term costs, wallpaper may actually be more profitable. If you must repaint your space approximately every few years to keep it fresh, investing in wallpaper that will last between 10 and 15 years will result in more savings for you in the long term. The use of paint and wallpaper together can also give you the best of both, providing long and short term savings, while giving that bold and original impact on your interior.

wallpaper finished wood

Find your wallpaper style now, get inspired and ask for your free samples. Get cutting-edge durability, style, colors, and textures as a complete package.

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wallpaper for kitchens

The process of applying wallpaper to the walls is slower than painting walls. So, if you decide it is time for a change, you can not simply paint over it or apply a different wallpaper without a little preparation work. Many of today’s wallpapers (non-woven technology) are removed on large sheets, but some older wallpapers can be more tedious to remove.

Origial wallpaper design

Before trying your first wallpaper project, you should read about things like making sure your first strip is level, matching pattern, and hanging around the corners. Our Hanging section is a great resource for everything you need to know before hanging your own wallpaper. We also have a section of frequently asked questions about the removal of wallpapers.

flower paper

Painting can come at a fairly low cost and is usually quite easy to achieve. Most people can do a painting job themselves and just buy the supplies. In addition, the paint is relatively easy to paint or wallpaper if it gets tired of the original color.

wallpaper design

Paint can only provide color in a very limited spectrum of matte to glossy finishes. Wallpaper, on the other hand, comes in a dazzling range of designs with an incredible selection of beautiful effects like pearl and glitter, raised inks, suede, gels, beads, blades, enhanced silk textures, and the natural grasscloth … just to name a few.

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purple wallpaper

Paint also chips and cracks over time, so you will have to reapply and retouch your paint job more frequently. It is also very difficult to apply paint to walls, and can easily stain your floors, ceilings, furniture or appliances. Depending on the type of paint you decide to use, heavier oil-based paint will dry more slowly than anticipated and, in general, requires a professional to apply it.

green wallpaper

Therefore, you probably can’t apply it yourself. Oil-based paints also tend to run when applied and are less resistant to heat. While painting lasts 5 to 10 years, there is a bigger possibility that you will repaint more frequently.

wallpaper with golden elements

To finish, we will see some of the most popular finishes and coatings. Consider the use of the following specialized wall coverings: slate wall cladding; allows you to use special dry erase markers for presentations or notes.

visual effects

Wallpaper Coating

Although predominantly used in commercial environments, this type of wall covering would also be very suitable for a child’s room.

flower paper

Magnetic wallcovering: allows the use of magnetic applications and magnets for presentations. Although predominantly used in commercial environments, this type of wall covering would also be very suitable for a child’s room.

modern style paper

Electromagnetic shielding: used in commercial applications to reduce the amount of electromagnetic interference associated with many industrial applications such as computer rooms.

beautiful accent wall

Scented wallpaper: a wallpaper composed of fibers that naturally emit a soothing fragrance like lavender or jasmine. Deodorizing wallpaper: the wallpaper infuses charcoal particles that act as a natural deodorizer.

original modern wall

Acoustic wallcovering: Although traditionally associated with commercial applications, it is most commonly used in homes with expensive surround sound systems or home theaters. These wall coverings are specifically designed to absorb sound energy.

living room

Create a funky black light with fluorescent wallpaper. Or try a cork wall covering. It is useful as a bulletin board, a natural sound-deadening material, a natural wall covering, a textured wall covering or a combination of its many functions.

wallpaper with flowers

Leather wall cladding: consider the incomparable warmth that you only get with a leather wall covering.

pink paper

pink wall paper

colored paper

original design

Wall decorations

super wall paper

modern living room

wallpaper with flowers

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