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Marble kitchen dashboard – Natural stone in your home


Once again on our page, we are going to talk about marble and for our faithful readers, it will be no surprise to see that marble is once again at the center of attention. This time it is marble dashboard in the kitchen.

Each woman sometimes tries to make her kitchen not only comfortable and functional but also cozy, beautiful, spiritualized. And this is understandable. After all, the kitchen is a warm, welcoming and hospitable room in which much of family life is spent. This is why this place must also be very beautiful. For example, if you use marble kitchen dashboard.

White marble dashboard and black marble countertops


Many are accustomed to believe that ceramic tiles are the best and most logical material for a kitchen apron. In our article today, we will challenge this conviction and show that the modern kitchen splashback isn’t lined with a single ceramic tile. There are still many interesting materials, such as marble.

First, let’s think about the characteristics of the perfect kitchen dashboard. It must be durable, resistant to moisture and high temperatures, easy to clean and, of course, beautiful.


Natural stone is an incredibly beautiful material that looks elegant and presentable. Marble and granite are still the most popular. Although there are many who recommend giving preference to the second today we will try to convince you otherwise. Although of the granite if it can be said that it is denser and harder, therefore, it is less susceptible to damage and it is more difficult to scratch it.

Black marble dashboard in the kitchen


Effective and practical

Marble inside the kitchen? Why not? Gone are the days when marble was just a stone seen in palaces and subway stations. Now, this material is used successfully in home interiors. And not only is it spectacular but also very practical. After all, marble:

It is durable: in the precise hostess it will serve both children and grandchildren;

Easily tolerates exposure to high and low temperatures, as well as humidity;


It is respectful with the environment: it is a porous material that passes the air well, which means that it won’t adversely affect the microclimate.

It combines well with woods of different textures and nuances;

It combines well with various metals (copper, nickel, steel, etc.);

It combines well with glass;

With almost all tissues.


But let’s agree: we don’t need the template “if marble is a table”. Because only for the countertop, it isn’t very suitable precisely for its natural qualities. Contrary to the popular myth of the hardness of marble, this material is quite soft. A table of this kind will lose beauty quickly, if you constantly cut it out, hit it, roll it up. In addition, another of its characteristics – the tendency to the formation of spots. Therefore, the magnificent glossy table will quickly become careless.

Gray marble dashboard in the kitchen


Marble is a material suitable for any material

But the use of marble in the decoration of the walls, a very fruitful idea. The work wall, the so-called apron, will completely change the entire room. Whatever the style of your kitchen, the marble will fit perfectly. Because of this, it is an element, much appreciated by designers. Marble combines wonder:


It adapts perfectly to the design of any style, you just need to know the requirements of it. It is considered that the marble kitchen in Provencal style is blue or pink. White or slightly bluish marble is a feature of the English and Venetian styles, as well as the classics. The marble in the ethno style kitchen should be gray or brown, the oriental style dictates light colors.

It is generally accepted that marble is a sign of unthinkable luxury. But it is appropriate in the minimalist kitchen and in the technological design. The marble surfaces of the walls, the window sill, the fronts of the furniture will be effectively connected with the strict geometry of the shapes and the brightness of the nickel.


Marble the favorite stone of designers

The multicolored and variety of marble structures allows designers to choose different possibilities and combinations. It is interesting to combine it with kitchen furniture. As you can see in the pictures the marble can be used for the countertops and the walls whenever space allows it. Keep in mind that marble kitchen sinks are fashionable. Its practicality is a moot point, but beauty is indisputable.


For designers, there is a minimum of restrictions on the use of the noble stone. It is believed that it is applicable only in rooms that have a regular geometric shape. But don’t abuse the marble details. Make a dashboard on the wall and marble sill is enough. Add to these decorative elements from other materials: such as vases, candelabras.

The extent to which marble is used depends on the size of the kitchen. In a large house with a large kitchen, you can use it as you like. The marble can be seen well in a large fireplace on the floor or on the staircase. This stone is placed almost perfectly. It is perfectly susceptible to grinding and any cutting. But in the small marble kitchen, the marble won’t look foreign.


Of course, natural stone is very, very expensive. But manufacturers offer and less expensive options with good style. Therefore, the marble tiles in the kitchen will create the same impression of sophistication, the same elegant design and will cost incomparably cheaper.


A beautiful and high-quality style is a very popular modern solution. With the help of marble tiles, the kitchen will look respectable, and its practicality will be worthy of all praise.


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