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Meditation spaces at home – tips for peaceful places

Meditation spaces at home become essential in a world where we live stressed and running from one place to another.

We live stressed, running from one place to another and as a consequence, anxious and depressed. Therefore, meditation becomes an essential practice in our life. More if you live in a big city where stress, traffic, and haste have become the norm.

Creating meditation spaces at home can be the ideal solution to find a corner of peace and relaxation. A special place where we are safe and calm, a place to renew and achieve the physical and mental well-being we so badly need in this world full of noise and haste.

If you need this private space for reflection, it is time to create your meditation corner. A space to disconnect from everything and fill us with inner calm and wellbeing. So today we tell you some tips to create meditation spaces at home, where to relax and reconnect with yourself easily.

1. An oasis of peace

Meditation requires calm and tranquility. So stay away from the crowded areas of the house and place your meditation corner in a quiet area. A room away from the most used areas would be ideal. But it can also be an outside area like a small patio.

It doesn’t need to be a very large space, but it is far from noises and distractions that bother your concentration. Even so, it is always better to choose a time of day when we are alone at home or when everyone is asleep. In this way, it will be easier to achieve the necessary concentration and stillness.

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2. Order

Our personal space must be a reflection of our interior. That is why we must keep it in order, clean and organized if we want to achieve inner peace. Periodically order and reorganize your meditation space and leave it essential to feel at ease and calm in it.


3. Comfortable furniture

A meditation area requires few furniture and comfortable. The ideal is to meditate on the ground so a comfortable rug and some cushions will be perfect. Also some small table to place objects. And some blanket to cover you if you feel cold at some point.

4. Near a window

Placing your meditation place in an area with natural light and fresh air is essential. That’s why you always look for an area near a window or even a small outdoor area. In this way you will receive the benefits of sunlight and fresh air in your meditation sessions. Sun rays promote the synthesis of serotonin, a substance related to well-being that also helps regulate sleep. And they also help lower blood pressure so they will help us relax.

5. Disconnect

In your time of meditation, you must forget all your devices and disconnect from the mobile, tablet and outside. Forget about noises, vibrations and distractions that will prevent you from concentrating and finding inner peace. Create an isolated space and away from everything in which you feel comfortable with yourself.

6. Suitable color

The decoration is also very important when creating a meditation space. The light colors will help you relax, it does not need to be white but a relaxed and warm color. Pastel shades can also be a good option.

We can’t forget that color influences our mood and that is why it is important that they are not very strident colors or they call to action like reds or blacks. Blue, for example, has a soothing effect, like green, which helps concentration, but always in soft tones.

7. Create the right climate

To feel at ease and calm in a space you also need to make it yours. So personal items that make you feel happy and in harmony will also be very important. Photos, your most precious memories, your favorite books, your special objects … Put only really significant things and help you find peace.

The climate is also very important to get relax. That is why candle, essences and aromas are an important part of your meditation space. Choose candles and incense with your favorite scents that transport you to a space of calm.

Also the plants and flowers are important to transmit relax. Water sources can also be a good help for your meditation corner. As well as bowls with stones and sand. Some people prefer to meditate in silence but also those who choose to use relaxing music. The sounds of nature such as water or birds in meditation spaces at home can help you find the ideal state.

And it is that the well-being begins in oneself and the best way is to dedicate yourself a time every day. Meditation spaces at home to be alone, with yourself and surrounded by serenity. This will make it easier to face all the challenges that day to day entails in this crazy world. We hope this article helps you to achieve it. Did you like these ideas?? Then stay tuned for more posts like this. You can subscribe to get every idea to your mail. And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest. If you want us to write about a topic, we always welcome comments and ideas, feel free to write them below.


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