Original children's rooms
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Original children’s rooms or how to get the WOW effect

Are you decorating or renovating the children’s bedroom? Because today we have a post that you will love. Original, different, creative children’s rooms. We bring you a lot of inspiration from where you can take excellent ideas.

The latest environments of home decoration offer us many trends that we can adapt perfectly to children’s bedrooms and get that exclusive touch we are looking for. You accompany us to know them?

Original children’s rooms

We tell you how to decorate original children’s rooms and get a WOW effect. Run away from boring spaces and give way to sensations. Add personality to white children’s bedrooms with simple ideas. Animate the spaces of gray color, or the environments in black and white, with simple but surprising details. Or how the wallpaper can completely change a bedroom. Do you want to know all the keys? Well, keep reading, we have many ideas for you.

1- Rooms in absolute white, like adding a touch of originality

The Nordic trend continues to monopolizing followers. The bright spaces with white walls and white furniture need color and a surprise effect! We come up with several tips that will completely transform the nursery.

Lean on the decorative accessories to add warmth and friendliness. Among our favorites are the decorative vinyls. Able to provide a lot of personality for little money.

Original children's rooms

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An excellent option is to sign up to the geometric style. This pattern continues to accompany us this year inspiring the design of charming pieces and objects. With the geometric decoration, you will get funny and fashionable children’s room. We love the vinyl in the bottom photo. Photo: decoist.com

Original children's rooms

This geometric design is very easy to introduce in the small rooms. Well through decorative complements, or through painting. Its integration will add to the rooms that air of originality you are looking for.

Paint one of the walls in two colors, such as adding a plinth. This will serve to animate the room and in turn to protect from dirt a very exposed area (next to the bed, under the desk) Do not fall into the clichés! Your socket does not have to be a straight line. We come up with thousands of original endings. Here are some examples.

Original children's rooms

The power of painting and its gifts to completely change a space. Thanks to this geometric design, the monocolor is broken and an exclusive center of attention is created. In addition, when painting the wall of the fonto of a dark tone, you create the visual perception of shortening an elongated room. Eliminating the sensation of the corridor in this way. Photo: pinterest

Original children's rooms

Waves that represent clouds, or the sea if you reverse the direction.

Original children's rooms

A temination in the form of a city or skyline is perfect for children and young people.

Original children's rooms

And here the same idea of a city but with a more childish touch. Ideal for rooms for babies and children.

2- The gray color, another most used tones in interior decoration

To get original children’s rooms using gray as a base we advise you to combine it with cheerful and striking tones. In kids rooms, these intense colors bring a point of ease and break with the seriousness of gray. By the way, yellow is worn!

Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs

And again we find another trend. The furniture that evokes the silhouette of a little house, how cute! Image:  instagram.com

We return to the idea of adhesive vinyl, but this time with a super tendency design, giant flowers! See how the gray bedroom changes with this floral element.

3- Join the fashion of black and white.

And to succeed without any doubt, slate painting is a success in children’s rooms. It will be very easy to find original decorative pieces with which to fill the bedroom because these two tones are the easiest to combine.

You can also change the decoration without complications when you get tired and adapt the space to the kids’ age without touching the painting. How to move from a baby room to a child or youth bedroom.

Original children's rooms

4- Eclectic interiors, a mix of styles that well combined is fabulous

In this case do not abuse the details, start from less to more and add add-ons little by little. Thanks to the eclectic style you will get original children’s rooms, although we warn you, it is not easy.

Classic rooms for Princesses and for babies

5- Keep in mind that decoration and functionality prevail in the children’s room

You will get an organized space procuring extra storage solutions, drawers under the bed, shelves or custom furniture. An optimized and smart bedroom can be amazing.

Original children's rooms
Original children's rooms

6- Discover the pleasure of handmade objects

DIY decoration is fashionable (work of silk paper art on the cradle) And also give a new opportunity to recovered pieces (Turquoise Mallorcan doors)

Amazing Children bedrooms with swing

Would you dare to make a recovered wooden wall?

7-The wallpaper dresses so much!

There is a wallpaper for every taste and they are so original. It is also an excellent starting point for any decorative project.

Original children's rooms
Original children's rooms
Original children's rooms

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