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Pantone 2020 – Classic blue is Pantone’s choice

pantone color 2020-ideas

The Pantone Color Institute announced that their color of the year 2020 is the classic blue PANTONE 19-4052, a dark blue tone that is comforting and comparable to other shades of the same color.

The classic blue tone evokes both the constant and the classic sky at dusk, an impeccably tailored suit, serene waters or a bowl of perfectly ripe blueberries.


Classic blue as a representation of modern culture

The Pantone selection of classic blue for 2020 makes perfect sense when considering the history of the “Color of the Year” classification, which began 20 years ago in 1999. That year, the color chosen was cerulean blue, a serene tone that represented the emotion of a new millennium and offered a relaxing image of the anxieties that preceded the year 2000.


The impact of Cerulean that year permeated the cultural “zeitgeist,” ranging from interior design trends to haute couture. As a reference, we could consider the monologue of Miranda Priestly, the character of Meryl Streep, in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, where he explains how color has dominated a global industry.

So, perhaps it isn’t surprising that for a decade that ends and a new one begins, Pantone once again opts for a tonality part of the family of blue colors before a year that will bring many changes, fears and hopes as one begins a new stage.

Classic blue symbol of comfort and calm

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, explains the decision made by the feeling of apprehension towards the world that is present today, but which was also present in 1999. By choosing the so-called classic blue, we wanted to recognize the evolution of world culture and we choose a reassuring color, full of calm and confidence.


Pressman said the color highlights security, reliability, credibility, and consistency. That is to say, all the features that can be seen in stressful situations that the world is suffering today. He also noted that the deep blue matches that of the twilight sky, which provides a good example of why this color can resonate with so many people.


The different faces of the classic blue color

The twilight sky isn’t a midnight blue since it isn’t so deep and mysterious. It reflects our feelings of anticipation. When you think of the sky at dusk, the day isn’t over yet. Wondering what awaits you? It is reassuring and stimulating at the same time. This color highlights the desire to cross the threshold of a new era. We live in a time that requires trust, faith, and trust. We all see this blue sky and can relate to it because it is accessible.


In fact, the color seems particularly suitable at this time. The color they have chosen for this year has no gender and no season, which makes it multifaceted and desirable for people of all backgrounds. In addition, its classic tone can be obtained naturally from plants and dyes, which makes it a color that aligns well with the sustainability movement, echoing last year’s focus on sustainability with the Selection of Living Coral as the color of the year 2019.


Clearer communication thanks to the decoration

Pressman admits that Pantone returns to the classics because everything has been chaotic in the world. However, it isn’t about doing what we did in the past, but about reinterpreting it in a new way. While the color of last year, the living coral was “living and affirmative life”, the shadow of 2020 should bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge and a stable base in a period of change.


The classic blue tone would also be associated with communication, introspection, and clarity. Other benefits of tone include helping to focus and help refocus thoughts, especially in light of accelerated developments in technology.


Classic blue in decoration

Pantone was founded in the 1950s as a printing press in New York, but now it is based in Carlstadt, New Jersey. The annual color, which is announced every December, is already used in fashion, interior design, textiles, and graphics, according to Pantone.


Color Pantone 2020 – Classic blue


Color Pantone 2020 – Classic blue

It is this mysteriously energizing tone between indigo and royal blue that is everywhere today. What makes this colorwork so well in different styles and spaces? Its versatility makes classic blue the same as at home in luxurious and sophisticated spaces like in children’s rooms; in large doses throughout the room or a small touch of color on a shelf.

Let’s see how classic blue effectively and stylistically affects interior design in several ways.


Color Pantone 2020 – Blue in the living room

A sofa upholstered in classic blue is perfect in a contemporary and daring living room. Simultaneously it illuminates and sublimates the tones of brick and wood. It is also elegantly combined with a warm golden color, to keep all the space unified and balanced. The wall must contrast this adventurous choice. We recommend that you keep it white, beige, raw, gray.


Classic blue, as an energizing color in itself, can be combined with other vibrant colors in a space for a vivid effect. Of course, keep the doses of the two colors well edited. Orange is a good contrast to blue since we are talking about a cold color and a warm color. The sofa is the center of the room and attracts attention automatically. We found our color 2020 in a very small element: the velvet cushion. The delicacy of this decoration is hidden in repeatability.


If you prefer a more minimalist decoration, but at the same time follow the trends of modern decoration, you need a neutral color. The gray sofa is the ideal companion for classic blue. In addition, photographs on the walls reduce the effect of the wall due to its white color.


Color Pantone 2020 – Blue in the Dining Room

A classic blue wall in the dining room is balanced with lots of light, a neutral ceiling and many warm shades of natural wood. Observe the fantastic modern touches like the geometry of the parquet. You can mix the color by adding turquoise cushions. The elements in yellow combine perfectly with the blue of the Pantone.

In any case, you can not avoid furniture that is in classic blue and at the same time have golden finishes. It isn’t a bad choice to emphasize these elements repeatedly. Gold can be found in the table ornaments or in the chandelier.

pantone color 2020-blue-walls-dining room

This dining room makes us dream. We already talked about that, but the color of Pantone 2020 is extremely well lit by the sun. Royal chic is underlined by the wonderful chandelier. It is a good excuse to invite friends and celebrate Christmas together.

color pantone 2020-ideas-walls-options
color pantone 2020-details-blue-design

Color Pantone 2020 – Blue in the children’s room

One of the benefits of using a strong color such as classic blue in the decoration of your home is that it instantly transforms everything into a “showstopper”. This simple dresser, adorned with classic blue, is a perfect example of a furniture transformation from poor to a prince. This is a perfect example of how you can use this color in the children’s room.


Classic blue reminds us of the universe. Children will be delighted to lie surrounded by various constellations. They can learn their names or play astronauts. The subject doesn’t leave the room even in the details: pay attention to the lamp that dominates the room.


Also, if the children are older and don’t want to play anymore, we must respect their advice. There is a way to add classic blue to teenagers’ rooms. We could convince them by emphasizing the fact that their wall will be the famous color of 2020. We could add furniture in Nordic style since it is very popular among young adults.

color pantone 2020-design-beatriz-quinelato-arquitetura

Color Pantone 2020 – Blue in the kitchen

If this classic blue kitchen doesn’t make you want to give up what you’re doing and cook something here, I don’t know what I would do. The combination of two main colors is a good idea that demonstrates an impeccable taste. The tiles are subtle and give the spotlight to the kitchen furniture. We notice a juxtaposition between the white cabinets attached to the walls and those under which they are blue.


Modern white kitchens are nothing new these days, but classic blue accents make this white kitchen something truly unique. This kitchen island evokes the American style. In addition, the marble above is a symbol of wealth in the United States. However, we really like this decoration, since it is simple but makes us want to spend more time in the kitchen.

color pantone 2020-furniture-kitchen

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Color Pantone 2020 – Blue in the bedroom

When this exceptional color is incorporated into the bedroom, the effect is instantaneous and harmonious. The different shades of blue take us to the seashore, all the decoration represents summer.

color pantone 2020-design-walls

The easiest decoration, which you can change every year without paying a large amount of money, is to hide in the details. A classic blue or white blue carpet or curtains are interchangeable which means that they won’t cause problems.

Our favorite advice is to think about pillows or cushions. We can use so many combinations that don’t help make changes every season. It is an ideal solution for those who get bored quickly.

At the same time, we want to avoid the similarity with a hotel. A style closer to the decoration of Versailles is visible in this photo. The wall is decorated with white trees. Real elegance is also found in the cushions.

color pantone 2020-design-interior-wall

The hall is always a dark room. I could add a sense of privacy with the help of the color of the wall. If you don’t like this idea, you can always add photos, as suggested by specialists.

color pantone 2020-style-house

If you don’t know how the Color Pantone 2020 will adapt to your home, try it outside. A touch of color on the door of your house, for example, could be the right thing to wake up the facade of your house.

color pantone 2020-ideas-furniture

Last year, the peach tone called Living Coral was chosen, which offered a surprising addition to bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The idea behind this decision was to mention the ecology and pollution control that is responsible for the deaths of millions of corals each year.

color pantone 2020-furniture-interior

Color Pantone 2020 – How to combine blue and its tones

There are many colors that combine with blue and their tones are suitable for interiors in any style! Color, as we all know, gives life to any interior. And if you’re looking for a universal tone, blue and its palette top this list. There is no color that doesn’t “work” in combination with it, so it can be considered with basic and universal security, many decorators and interior designers unanimously consider it.

color pantone 2020-furniture-sofa

Regardless of the tone you choose: light blue or dramatic dark blue, the blue palette is suitable for almost any interior and will combine perfectly with other colors.


Eternal and reliable, elegant in its simplicity, this is the color chosen by Pantone American Institute of Color PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. We will see it constantly in 2020 and on our page you will find examples of its use indoors. Thus we welcome the calm, hopeful and peaceful classic blue!

Color Pantone 2020 – Classic Blue


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