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Small kitchens with eclectic decor

original small kitchens

If you don’t like just one style of decoration, then this article will interest you a lot. We will talk about eclectic decoration in small kitchens. Although if you have a large kitchen it also works perfectly, so don’t worry. Maybe you like the modern decoration style and also the rustic one, but you don’t know which one to choose. Then you can get both decorations in one with the eclectic style.

cozy small kitchens

It is worth mentioning that this decoration is bold. So you should think and see a little further and not be so conventional. But it really is worth taking the risk and trying this striking and original interior decoration for small kitchens. The word “eclectic” has been around for many years, but today it is when it is known due to the world of decoration.

small warm kitchens

This is one of the types of interior decoration that has been very well accepted. In eclectic decoration, there is a mix of different styles such as modern, vintage, or any other, depending on the taste of the person.

small kitchen tiles

It could be said that this decoration took its first steps through the fine arts where the pioneers did not stick to a particular style. Resulting in uniting and mixing everything they liked. This is what gave rise to what we know today as decoration with an eclectic style.

small combination kitchens

As we already mentioned, if you are a person who likes the eclectic decoration style, obviously you will not adopt a single style. Rather, you will try to incorporate things of various types of decoration as many as you like.Small kitchens with eclectic decor style

small yellow kitchens

Of course, you will take what you like the most from each style and combine it in a single space, which in today’s article is small kitchens. Some people who like this type of eclectic decor in their small kitchens or in their home in general sometimes do not fit a stereotype.

stylish small kitchens

But that is not really a problem and in fact, they are not afraid to proclaim what they like. Even if the majority believe that it goes against all rules or standards of decoration. However, many confuse decoration with an eclectic style as a decoration that is made with anything.

small kitchens design

But in reality, it is a decoration thought like any other, and above all very determined and bold. Arguably, the eclectic decor style is like borrowing from various styles while trying to create a consistent look through colors, textures, and patterns.

small kitchens statement

In short, it is like a thoughtful and careful mix of different elements but that works perfectly together. So this decor is not about randomly putting things together. Although for some people when they see this decoration, they may think that it is something that does not make sense or is messy.

small kitchens decoration

One of the characteristics of eclectic decoration is that it is a mixture of periods and styles. Background colors are generally neutral. It also stands out for the unexpected use of different materials or elements. It tries to unite art with real estate through patterns, shapes, textures, finishes, and colors.

Very bold eclectic decor

small colorful kitchens

Although it may not seem like it, absolutely everything has its right place even when for some it is messy. Another of its features is that you can easily mix the new with the old, handmade items and items that have a lot of sentimental value for you. To conclude, it is like a constant celebration of a lot of contrast.

small eclectic kitchens

This is a very rich layered design that references different times and movements. It is for this reason that we suggest that if you cannot adopt just one style of decoration, this style is perfect for your small kitchen.

small style kitchens

This is a beautiful style that mixes totally different styles from each other but can create harmony. Contrasting textures and colors can develop a truly beautiful and eye-catching space. This type of decoration is very fun in small kitchens since you can experiment and play with the freedom to take what you like most in each style and incorporate it properly into your home.

small eclectic style kitchens

But if you think eclectic decor for small kitchens is a bit difficult, here are some tips and image ideas to help you create your own eclectic-style interior decor.

functional small kitchens

First, you must choose the main color palette. Picking a number of central colors to set and complement your eclectic decor is a great place to start. Since these colors will help you create a coherent appearance, they will also bring together the decoration elements that will make this decoration balanced.

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Eclectic small kitchen decor

kitchens small patterns

The most recommended is that you choose a neutral color in combination with an accent color so that you can start without much complication if you are a beginner in the eclectic world. A calming neutral color, it will allow for a smart and versatile color base. Which prevents the room or space from being too ornate or overbearing.

small kitchens mix styles

Actually, that neutral color will look amazing mixing with an accent color, whatever color you choose. It is very useful especially when applied to different spaces in a room to create the necessary harmony.

modern small kitchens

As you progress in your decoration, you could add or expand your color palette to the eclectic style, starting with the most classic tones to go up to the most elaborate nuance of eclectic decoration. Of course, as always, we remind you that you can consult the experts in interior decoration. They will guide you much better in the eclectic world and will clarify all the doubts you have.

small kitchens lamps

Take into account the simple lining of the walls. Something highly recommended for perfect eclectic kitchen décor in small kitchens is better to keep the walls simple. Highly elaborate walls can generally make it difficult to incorporate other patterned items or items.

original small kitchens

Instead, simple painted walls develop a solid foundation for creating eclectic decor and interest in other areas in the same space. Incorporate striking and vibrant items in a simple base, of course, you will have many more possibilities to combine. Sure, this is just a suggestion and recommendation.

Decoration of small kitchens with different colors and styles

small colored kitchens

We are clear that a painted wall is much easier and requires much less work than a lush covering. Like you should not only think about choosing the white color for your walls. Light and dark colors work perfectly fine. Since darker colors provide warmth and depth. While light colors help make any space look much bigger and enhance the decor a bit better.

small kitchens new old

It is at this point in the decoration that your personality begins to be visible, which allows you to be bold and daring. With patterns is where you can play and combine the different styles with the different patterns you want to create your eclectic interior decoration and try what fits more and what does not.

small kitchens personality

You can continue using the tones and colors that resemble the outline of your decoration. Of course, taking into account the two main tones that you chose at first. Although you could add unexpected mixes and combinations of patterns, they don’t have to be strictly in line with each other. This is where you can be bold and bold incorporating elements that are generally opposed. This unexpected combination will help you create that unique feeling in your decoration.

small kitchens hardwood floors

Don’t be afraid to combine and have fun adding different textures in the eclectic decoration of your space. The goal is that you create a lot of visual activity in the room that you are decorating in an eclectic style, in order to maintain interest in the space.

simple small kitchens

A very effective way to achieve this feeling is to place different textures in small doses. That is, you can place or add smooth textures along with rough textures. For example, a marble surface against some wood, or luxurious chairs with an industrial-style table.

Decoration of small kitchens with wood, stone, and art

small kitchens art

As we have already indicated, the eclectic decoration style is a combination of different styles. Mixing and matching various furniture styles is another fun way to perfect eclectic décor in small kitchens or any other room.

kitchens small plants

Don’t forget that the objective of this decoration is that, to combine the old, the new, the modern and the classic. You could, for example, have wing-backed chairs next to an ultra-modern coffee table. You just have to take advantage of what you already have and add something else to maximize your space.

subtle small kitchens

As for the piece or object of declaration, whatever you want to choose, it must be very bold and interesting. We must mention that you should not exaggerate either. In small kitchens, due to space it is recommended that it be only one piece or object. And for the larger spaces two would be fine. The object of the statement should be something that impacts and that people want to talk about. If you put many statements then there will be competition between them and they will lose importance.

small green kitchens

Although there are certain rules to follow in decorations, this means they are strict. Each style has its characteristics. But you can experiment, play and have fun with the eclectic style leaving the limitations that the traditional gives. Just make way for your creativity and imagination and experiment.

stylish small kitchens

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