initial terrace decoration
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Terrace decoration – Unique Cozy Ideas

initial terrace decoration

There’s an endless idea for decorating terraces, which are perfect for you to take advantage of with the early arrival of summer. For most people, the terraces are the most preferred spaces. Especially in the warmer seasons.

decoration of open terraces

This space is ideal to enjoy both with family and friends or in solitude. On the terraces, we can taste a delicious coffee, talk. And spend a pleasant time in the company of loved ones. Enjoy an interesting read or just appreciate the fresh air and nature.

pergola terrace decoration

For all this and much more, the degree of satisfaction that you have in those spaces will depend on the planning and decor of terraces that each person makes. If you are one of the many people who have terraces and you like to be changing and renovating. Here we will show you some terrace decoration ideas that you will surely love.

terrace decoration carpet

To start you should know what function you need for your terrace. That is if you want to take advantage of it to barbecue, to have space where you can only enjoy the tranquility or privacy or for an area where the children of the house can play. Although, of course, most Of the time, the decoration of terraces is done to be able to take advantage of it for any event like the ones we just mentioned.

decoration of large terraces

Original ideas to decorate terraces

Although the decoration of terraces, in general, is so that they can be used for any activity, it is important that you prioritize your needs so that, thus, the decoration of terraces is much easier. Items such as a dining table, an umbrella, the grill, among others.

nice terrace decoration

Even if you are not using them every day, they are things that should not be missing in the planning of terrace decoration. Of course, depending on how much space you have, the terrace can be sectioned into different areas for harmony.

classic terrace decoration

If you are one of the people who love being on your terrace to sunbathe, then you should make sure where your terrace is going to go. In other words, a terrace facing south will receive much more sunlight for more hours. While a west-facing terrace won’t get as much sunlight during the day.

kitchen terrace decoration

But if that isn’t a concern for you, you will still enjoy your terrace both day and night. Most people don’t think about this detail and it is for this reason that we wanted to mention it and not overlook it.

terrace decoration color

If you would like to have breakfast outside your home and take advantage of the first rays of the sun, it is convenient that your terrace is facing south. Now, if you orient it to the north you can have the benefits of the cool shade of midday.

square terrace decoration

If you already have your terrace designed and want to take advantage of these little tricks to take advantage of the sun, then sit and watch so that you can plan the orientation and decoration of terraces much better. Now, you already have an idea of ​​the orientation you want to give to your terrace.

Beautiful terrace decoration with fire pit

fire pit terrace decoration

Regardless of the space you have, you must still accommodate the space for the furniture. If you have a large space for terrace decoration, it is perfect and you won’t have much problem. On the contrary, if you want to make a decoration for small terraces then you must make sure that the furniture you are going to choose doesn’t block traffic or hinder movement in the area.

elegant terrace decoration

It is recommended that the chairs should be at least one meter apart. It is also recommended that when planning the decoration of large terraces, you leave a storage space. This space would be to store the chairs or what you need to store in the winter.

terrace decoration style

Some shrubs and perennials, furniture, a spectacular wood or stone floor, combined will give a cool and cozy look. Could you think about incorporating a fountain or a small pond to have the water element and relax on your terrace?

terrace decoration flowers

As for the furniture, there are many models and materials for you to choose which suit you. Wooden ones are usually preferred by the most. Something very attractive in the decorations of terraces is when they bring elements from the interior of the home to the terrace.

cozy terrace decoration

This can be the colors or the floor, it really makes you feel that the terrace is from the inside. This projection also means that when the terrace is open in the hot season, the division between the interior of the home and the terrace disappears.

Modern terrace decoration with wooden floor

modern terrace decoration

An area living or dining room, it is almost mandatory in the decor of terraces. Of course, if space allows it, could you go a little more there and place it to a great sofa so what to you can lie down and relax. We know that the furniture for terrtoHigh quality cups is very expensive.

terrace decorating ideas

But it is preferable that you try to invest from the beginning since you will have the assurance that they will last much longer, and in the long run you will realize that it was worth it. In addition don’t forget that what they say is true, cheap is expensive. Without a doubt, the selection of furniture must be the right one for you.

tongue and groove terrace decoration

Taking into account that they must be comfortable and too functional. Two characteristics that you should not forget. Another point is the resistance to the passage of time and especially to climatic changes. Furniture material must be able to withstand both heat and rainy days or low temperatures.

wooden terrace decoration

Since not all the time you can be storing or covering your furniture. Synthetic rattan also widely used for outdoor spaces. It is very versatile and with a resistance amazing. It looks good in modern spaces and its level of maintenance is very low. Another synthetic type material is resin.

terrace decoration table

They are also very good to resist at inclement weather. It combines very easily with any style of the decor of terraces. Hay trends in decorations and a lot of tips.

Original terrace designs

decoration of unique terraces

But of course, you can plan the decor of terraces to your liking and how you prefer it. If space allows it and you are one of the people who loves receiving guests and cooking for them, could you think of a small outdoor kitchen?

terrace decoration a lot of vegetation

If you love love, imagine a terrace romantic with many roses of different types and some furniture garden cast iron.

furniture terrace decoration
original terrace decoration

If you like to feel your surroundings and be free, wooden or PVC decks are perfect for walking barefoot and feeling the texture on your feet. These types of floors don’t heat up as much in the sun. So that will give you the freedom to leave your shoes at the entrance and have your feet free during the summer.

terrace decoration plants

Wood floors are could say that they are the favorites for most people for their terraces. On the other hand, stone and tile floors are much more durable and just as incredible for the view. These floors look a little bit more rustic but in the same way, they can transform the terraces into space only.

Terrace decoration with warm lighting

terrace decoration lighting
original terrace decoration
terrace decoration plants

Depending on this and your preferences, a terrace isn’t should to be complete without any protection of the sun. Remember that the sun is good, but not so much.

simple terrace decoration

Of course, that depends on the space you have on your terrace. Many times, when planning and even at the same time that you do the decor of terraces, the illumination. Lights are as important as any other element or piece of furniture for culmination perfect of the decor of terraces.

terrace decoration sofa

A suitable illumination can transform even a small corner forgotten. The lights give life, transform, and change an environment quickly. There are different types of lighting that you can choose and adapt to your terrace. The most popular are sconces, spotlights under plants, and LED lamps.

Terrace with weather-resistant furniture

decoration of terraces vegetation

In particular, the projectors under the plants provide beautiful light. Welcoming a romantic and very welcoming aspect. If you have a terrace where you don’t have lines or electrical installations, solar lights are a perfect alternative. Today, this type of light is found in various forms.

parasol terrace decoration

Another aspect to take into account in the decor of terraces is the vegetation, which will give life, color, and joy to that space. Both for large and small terraces, plants are that element that will connect you with nature.

awning terrace decoration

There is a lot of drones to choose and if you are one of the people who don’t have much time to dedicate it to vegetation there are also plants that don’t require much effort to maintain. Any type of plant works as a decorative element.

perennial plant terrace decoration

Of course, here would you have to inform you a little about the type of plant to operate better on your terrace. Dependiendo of the area where you are. You can too add pots, vases, and even place some white stones that reinforce the decor of terraces.

The adequately lit terrace decor

beautiful terrace decoration
terrace decoration elements

You don’t have to create a jungle, just make a selection. And if your terrace is small and you think you don’t have the space for plants, you can always go for a beautiful and small garden vertical. Too you can imagine a slit to place vines.

stone floor terrace decoration
terrace decoration with nice view
wooden grass terrace decoration
terrace decoration with nice view

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