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Textures with reliefs – discover the walls in 3D –

The walls with textures and reliefs appear in more and more places today. In addition to department stores and public fashion establishments, 3D walls are now making their way to homes and family homes, bringing accents of great interest.

3D panels for walls with textures and original reliefs

interior walls design relief

The trend in interior design goes in recent years towards greater comfort and sense of reality, especially in terms of textures. The modern wall design with 3D panels works well in all types of interiors.

Original designs of 3D wall panels

super wall fortmsa snowflakes

There are many variations in the structure, surface, shape, and material of wall decoration of 3D art and decorative panels that allow a creative and individual decoration that will give life to any room immediately.

Great wall with black relief

super black relief wall

Fill your living walls with modern and environmentally friendly 3d wall panels made with the fibrous residue of sugarcane.

Great wall design of 3D wall panels 

great wall black reliefs

These ground cane fibers that remain after raw sugar are extracted from the juice of the cane by crushing it, which becomes the raw material called bagasse, which forms the basis of this product respectful of the environment and of the environment. easy installation. The raw material used for 3d panels is 100% recycled and therefore is also 100% biodegradable.

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Original walls with 3D relief

original interior walls relief

Recently chosen by interior designers in the United States as one of the best ecological and innovative decoration products of the year, the wall panels are made from renewable sources that are ecological and therefore contribute to sustainability.

3D Panels of Pangu Panels

original design reliefs wall 3D

They are designed to be placed together forming a certain pattern. After installation, you can paint in any color to fit inside your home or a new style you want to create. When placed together, the panels create a repeating pattern that offers flat walls new dimensions that play with light and shadow. The 3D wall panels are of high quality, an artistic product, durable and respectful with the environment that takes the interior design to a new level.

Wall panels with reliefs of Inhabit living

original hall modern style

A design concept originating in the United States that marks the beginning of a new trend of wall furniture. The walls no longer have to be limited to a simple touch of color. 3D wall panels provide a cost-effective way to create a perfect environment in any room of your home or business. They are decorative wall products of contemporary design. Many companies offer a full range of wall products in panels that include modern 3D panels, paneled reclaimed wood walls, decorative grills, coconut mosaics, leather tiles, and others,

Wall coverings with decorative 3D panels

modern walls 3d panels reliefs

which are made of environmental material such as plant fiber, sugarcane stems (bagasse), bamboo pulp, ABS, PVC, bamboo, reclaimed wood, solid wood, MDF and PVC / PU leather, with creative three-dimensional textures and elegant The art of the 3d wall is leading a new revolution in modern walls.

Decorative panels for 3D walls

original ecological panel reliefs

3D wall panels are ideal products to be used in both interior and exterior decoration. They are great solutions for boring walls, problem areas, ceilings or any surface you need to cover.

Original wall designs with reliefs and textures

white wall modern reliefs deco

They are ideal the living room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, as a background for television, or in any other wall or in the house; even in businesses and offices, meeting rooms, lobbies, receptions or meeting rooms, in restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas, and discotheques.

Design of white wall panel with modern patterns

Super modern white wall reliefs

Apart from creating an impressive visual effect for the wall, 3D wall panels can also be the perfect complement to some furniture, such as wardrobe doors, the headboard of the bed, the bedroom closet or the kitchen cabinets.

Original wall panel design by Pangu Panels

super design interior walls

Imagine a central wall in your living room that serves as a separator of environments and at the same time can become the focal point of your decoration.

Original wall panel with 3D effect

original wall effect 3d

With 3D panels, you can achieve outstanding interior wall designs in each space. From impressive atriums and lobby walls to functional surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.

Original interior wall design with reliefs

original design gray interior wall

A textured wall panel is a kind of innovative wall panels for interior decoration, which is made by means of density fibers (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF). Because the pattern is similar to waves, the textured wall panel is also called wave panel or corrugated wall panel.

Design of modern living room with a wall with 3D reliefs

3d wall decoration salon

The standard size of the textured wall panel is 1220mm * 2440mm * 15mm, with melamine cover on the back and white paint finish on the front side.

Original modern design wall panels

decoration original walls modern textures

Currently, there are hundreds of different patterns, and new fresh designs are regularly introduced.

Modern interior design with relief wall in 3D

original modern interior walls

In addition to the wide range of designs, custom-made service is also available for many companies, if you have your own concepts or ideas for textured wall panel designs you can always get in touch with them.

Original walls with textures and 3D reliefs

original walls designs textures 3D reliefs

You can really transform your interior spaces with panels in 3D, not to mention the advantages you will obtain in terms of insulation and soundproofing.

Design of wall panels with textures 3D panels

panel 3d wall center salon

There are several types of wooden wall panels; among them are the solid wood mosaics and the wooden panels; the solid wood mosaics are made of the natural wood trunk;

Original wall decoration with wooden mosaic panels

great modern wood mosaic walls

while the recovered wood panels are made of a precious and rare resource of history; the wood recovered from the royal ships.

Decorative wall panels made of natural wood with reliefs

super wall natural wood studs

The staggered wooden blocks create a playful landscape full of warm tones, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

Original modern wall design with wood look finish

original design modern wall wood

But you can also find laminated wood panels with stunning modern style patterns, above you can see a wonderful example.

Design of living room with a modern relief wall

original design wall modern living room

The 3D wall panels can convert into ordinary interior spaces in spectacular and dramatic areas instantly. There is no need to buy expensive artwork and furniture when the wall panels are the main feature.

Wall decoration with natural stone effect panels

originl design walls room

Be inspired by the many combinations of designs and finishes available, allowing you to create your own distinctive wall decor.

Designs of decorative panels in 3D with natural stone finish

coated walls stone panels

Look at the modern stone finishes and imagine how they would look like in your home. Experiment with asymmetrical patterns or with the most daring geometric shapes.

Designs of 3d wall panels with textures and original reliefs

textures and reliefs 3d walls

If you are looking to give your home an industrial-type accent, you can choose to finish concrete or exposed brick; or on the contrary, if you look for a classic and elegant look,

Design of modern interior walls with exposed brick finish

modern walls finished brick seen

You can choose a wall decoration that includes patterns of capitoné style like the one that appears in the following image.

Original wall decoration with capitone style pattern

relief walls capitone style

At a time when environmental impact is at the forefront of minds around the world, this is a product that offers high quality, interior decoration possibilities that will improve and not harm the environment. The 3D wall panel design applications are only limited by your imagination and can be used to create eye-catching walls or a subtle and soft environment with elegance and refinement.

Interior design with a 3D wall of Red Home Visual

interior walls decoration reliefs

These 3D hexagonal wall panels present a fabulous grayscale look. The rich wood tones they bring warmth and the contrast with the monochromatic theme, and each panel provides A canvas Awesome of works of art and decoration.

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