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Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs

If you are looking for a theme to set the room for your baby here I bring you a proposal: dinosaurs. Baby dinosaur decoration is not soft at all, on the contrary, this style will add a lot of character, color and personality to the baby’s room. Something that moves away from current trends, but at the same time is a different and friendly idea. We propose some environments that will serve as inspiration.

Decoration for babies: Dinosaurs

Our first example, with walls decorated with large murals on walls and ceilings that represent sympathetic creatures, creates an enveloping atmosphere and manages to highlight the simple white furniture.

Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs

In second place we show you again a baby dinosaurs decoration centered on the walls as a starting point. Again an artistic mural is key to this setting. The dark tone of the furniture is perhaps not the best choice. In this case, I would have opted, as in the previous room, for white furniture.

Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs

We continue with another option, a less strident thematic decoration. In the third room, the complement provided by the theme is the wallpaper. A pattern of dinosaurs in brown and green tones. The design on a white background adds luminosity to the space. It is an idea that can create a neutral bedroom, imagine the whole of the wall with this paper. A more relaxed proposal, in line with the latest decorative trends.

Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs

The last option, which for us is the most appropriate, is to use the decorative and textile accessories as drivers of the theme. In this way, in the event that you get tired of the decoration, it will be very easy to change the theme. Vinyls, bedding, lamps, posters, are elements of economic cost that will help you to add the Jurassic style you are looking for.

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