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Wallpaper for entrance – original designs for each hall

Wallpaper for entrance – original designs for each hall

Today we have prepared a selection of great ideas for the walls of the entrance; do not miss these images of designs wallpaper for corridors. The space that your guests, friends, and family can see first before exploring the rest of the residence is the entrance hall. It makes sense, then, to create an entrance that is elegant, inviting and that the first impression of your own personal style and the general appeal of your home.

Original wallpaper designs for corridors

Wallpaper for hallways patterns

Today we enter the magnificent and diverse world of the entrances covered with wallpaper. We will see how you can create an impressive entrance by simply altering the walls in an efficient way. Wallpaper for entrance hallways can add color, pattern, texture and much more when used correctly.

Pretty wallpaper design with floral patterns

wallpaper floral motifs

The use of wallpaper in the entrance hall must find the right balance that works in your own home. Even the smallest corridors in urban apartments can benefit from the presence of original wallpaper. The endless variety of options makes the decoration with wallpaper even more exciting.

Nice wallpaper design for the corridor

original design walls corridor

Another advantage of using the wallpaper at the entrance is the ease to visually connect small space with other areas. This converts the small lobby into an extension of the living room and gives the interior of the house a more coherent and cured appeal. Even some small wall sections lined with wallpaper can do a great job.

An original design of wall covering and ceiling of a hall

original design lining hall

Maybe you do not want a wallpaper design in neutral shades and you are looking for something more exciting and dramatic, so do not worry, since there are a lot of options and you can choose any color you want for yourentrance hall.

Nice decoration of entrance hall

modern hall design

It is best to use pattern wallpaper sparingly, while plain designs can be used more widely. Bright purple or gold offer a majestic aura feel, while pink designs are generally reserved for more feminine styles such as shabby chic.

Original wallpaper design for wall

wall paper design

Many other geometric patterns are also perfect for the lobby, while an increasing number of people are opting for the lattice pattern.

Great entrance hall with blue mirror

super blue mirror receiver

The geometric patterns allow you to combine a touch of the historical past with a modern and contemporary atmosphere, even when you convert the entrance into a cozy and captivating space.

Wallpaper design by David Hicks

wall paper David Hicks

There are some wallpaper patterns that have survived the test of time and remain at the forefront.

Original wallpaper design by David Hicks

modern wallpaper design

This collection of David Hicks wallpaper is the first to be released in 40 years and is a collaboration with his son, Ashley Hicks. The designs combine a strong graphic style with powerful color in a very usable contemporary application. The collection includes designs from the work of Hicks, with new and select creations of Ashley Hicks in the style of his father.

Original wallpaper design for entrance hallways

original design wallpaper for corridors

Place a fun wallpaper in your hallway to achieve a cheerful accent that is loved by the whole family. The theme of the tree trunks used in this corridor is very original.

Original wall decoration of entrance hall

original decoration entrance hall

Choose a design that complements your home. This large-scale botanical motif is ideal for a vintage style corridor, where nature is such an important part of life. The blue tiles highlight the impression and make a beautiful feature.


This beautiful tropical wallpaper will improve your mood as soon as you enter the door. Here, an equally bold corridor with a staircase sits next to the botanical impression, its pink flowers form a lovely contrast.

Original wallpaper design with golden color patterns

paper wall patterns golden color

Brighten your hall with a white and gold wallpaper that catches your attention. This design is a great example of a large-scale pattern that does not lose any of the striking powers of an impression. Its light and a bright feeling are ideal for a corridor, where natural light is often scarce.

Cover the walls with photos and newspaper paper

paper wall newspapers

Or instead of buying wallpaper for entry, why not create one’s own craft to save cash and protect the planet? Recycling projects allow you to convert everything from old newspapers and magazines to personal photographs on a custom wallpaper that makes a real impression.

Original wallpaper design for corridors

Original design wallpaper

Original design modern style wallpaper

paper wall modern style

Original modern design wallpaper design

Original design wallpaper

Gray wallpaper with vegetable patterns

gray wall paper

Pretty wallpaper with classic patterns

paper wall classic patterns

Original red wallpaper with tree motifs

red wall paper with little trees

Original plain red wallpaper

paper wall color red smooth

Red wallpaper with exotic patterns

paper wall red patterns

Nice wallpaper design for corridor walls

nice wallpaper for corridors

Beautiful wallpaper designs for corridors

Wallpaper for modern corridors

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