elegant simple wheat ears
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Wheat ear as a fall decoration

elegant simple wheat ears

In addition to the beautiful pumpkins of different colors and sizes, ears of wheat are another very popular element for fall decoration. Wheat is a very nutritious cereal. This has been cultivated for more or less seven centuries, in different countries of the world. It is considered one of the most important crops in the world.

ears of wheat kitchen

The reason why it has the title of the second most-produced grain, which is only surpassed by corn. Wheat was one of the first cereals cultivated by man. The earliest traces of wild wheat date back 15,000 years. It is said that wheat was originally consumed raw, then roasted or as atole.

ears of wheat with flowers

During the Neolithic period, that is, six thousand years before Christ, this cereal was cultivated in what is now known as the Middle East. Mixed with water and baked on hot stones, dry flatbread was first introduced by the Egyptians. According to these, they drank the water from the Nile, which was rich in the natural ferments contained in yeast.

ears of wheat with candles

From Egypt, wheat spread to Central Asia and Africa. After three thousand years passed, it would arrive in Europe. The ancient varieties of wheat had husked seeds. But as a fun fact, although the grains were small and low in nutrients, they did not contain gluten. Which means that their flour was not suitable for baking.

Beautiful colored wheat ears for decoration

colored wheat ears

It took a long period of artificial selection to produce and understand the harvestable wheat that we know today. And so that it gave a flour suitable for baking. One of the reasons wheat is considered such an important crop is because it was one of the first cereals that led to cultivation and agricultural activities.

ears of wheat crown

These activities that now define the livelihood of many people in the world. Furthermore, it is one of the few crops that have reduced hunger. It has been the symbol of prosperity and blessing since its inception. Apart from representing prosperity and abundance, it is also a symbol of growth. Another advantage of wheat is that it isn’t economically challenging to grow.

ears of wheat pumpkin

It is very easy to store as well as to convert the grain into flour. Without a doubt, wheat is a very nutritious cereal. It is also one of the main components present in our diet. It is high in fiber. Wheat is considered much more than just a grain or cereal.

ears of wheat decoration

This cereal not only symbolizes abundance and prosperity. But also in some countries, it is a symbol of their culture. There are countries where the abundance, wealth, and happiness that the wheat harvest season brings to their countries is celebrated. For example, in northern India, Punjab celebrates the Baisakhi festival on April 14 of each year.

Simple and elegant rustic decoration with ears of wheat

ears of wheat rustic decoration

In it, all the farmers thank their gods for the harvest. In April, you can see the fields adorned with this tall amber and golden harvest swaying from one side to the other. Without a doubt, this is a beautiful sight to see. Well, the month of August is associated with the month of harvesting, homemade jams as well as the harvesting of delicious honey.

ears of wheat diy decoration

But without a doubt, it is also highly anticipated to overflow our creativity and make the best autumn decoration in our homes. There is no season like fall. Unquestionably it is a season that nature gives us fruits, berries, mushrooms, and, of course, wheat.

ears of wheat crown wall

All these gifts of nature that we can easily have inside our home. Either as food or in the same way to create a beautiful and comforting autumn decoration with them. There are tons of ideas for using this versatile cereal in your fall décor. But one of the most popular is to make a beautiful flower arrangement.

ears of wheat decorative element

Centerpieces are also very easy, either for the dining table or for the living room or kitchen. Although, if you have a lot more time to dedicate to your decoration, then you can create decoration pieces with a little more flair. And turn a simple bouquet of wheat into a truly surprising decorative element, perhaps with a few combinations.

Simple centerpiece with ears of wheat

eater ears of wheat

Most of the time and for more than logical reasons, wheat is linked to the field. This is one of the reasons why wheat looks great in a rustic décor. Of course, if your interior decoration isn’t exactly rustic, there is no problem.

ears of wheat red details

You can always create a rustic look if you wish. You can add some elements with this style as well as burlap, untreated wood, and rustic tableware. One or several bunches of wheat look great with those elements around.

ears of wheat decoration ideas

Wheat can also replace flowers in fall décor. The ears of wheat are very warm. And you can combine them with lots of fall pieces, greens, and leaves to create an elegant table setting. As well as a shelf, basket or tray decoration and much more.

ears of wheat in crown

Wheat is present much more than you can imagine. We can see them carved on the backs of wooden chairs and in relief of some larger pieces of furniture. Also, it is represented in paintings, tapestries, and embroidery. Even wheat weavers like the Swedes use wheat straw, with or without spikes, to create simple or intricate designs for utilitarian and decorative items.

ears of wheat with rose

For the fall decoration inside your home, you can also choose to place wheat straw rugs or wall coverings. With this, you will give an extra touch of natural beauty to the walls and your floors. You can also use green wheatgrass and immature ears as well as a touch of natural vegetation.

Cute fireplace decoration with wreath and ears of wheat on the sides

ears of wheat fireplace

You can also insert ripe ears of wheat into evergreen wreaths and garlands. This works to create decorations for both fall and the holiday season. Christmas tree ornaments, which are braided in the Swedish style of wheat weaving, are lightweight and perfect for this decoration.

ears of wheat ideas

You can use traditional gold or white wheat to make fall glitter straw crafts. Wheat varieties generally have different colors in their beards, grains, and stems. So you can take advantage of this variety and create beautiful and original DIY projects for your decoration.

ears of wheat inside

Consider adding Blackbeard wheat as part of your décor mixed with other elements in shades of brown or red. Having your fall decoration you can use it in the same way for the Christmas season just with a few very simple changes.

ears of wheat vase

For example, you can change the ribbon that you have probably attached to some of your decorative pieces or elements to match the season. You can also place wheatgrass in small decorative containers for fall decorations.

ears of wheat metal vase

Although in the same way they also work for all seasons. That is why wheat is considered versatile in terms of decorations. It should be mentioned that you can also consider filing a small pot with soil and sprinkling some wheat seeds. To later cover them with more or less half a centimeter of soil.

ears of wheat table

With water and sunlight, you’ll have culinary wheatgrass ready to prune and consume in about four weeks. Wheatgrass is very nutritious when eaten raw. A great idea to take advantage of this tip is to provide small pots of growing wheatgrass to your guests at a casual dinner.

Ears of wheat with reddish tones

reddish ears of wheat

So each person can cut fresh grass for their soup or salad. In the same way, you could give as a gift the small pot to take home after the delicious evening. This can be your good wishes of health and abundance for each guest.

ears of wheat cute arrangement

Add a touch of beautiful green color to your table by using immature wheat. The various shades of green, trimmed from leaves, stems, beards, and heads, can be the ideal filler for a vase with freshly cut flowers from your garden. A simple trick that you can keep in mind is to hang your immature wheat where the sun hits it to dry it.

ears of wheat meson kitchen

This will keep its green color to use as dry plant material. Another way you can use wheat to decorate your table is by making a napkin holder. The fastest way is by rolling up a napkin and placing a sprig of green wheat on the roll.

long ears of wheat

Then tie it in place with a fresh, flexible wheat leaf. But we recommend that you soak the sheet in water to soften it since it can break when you want to use it. In the same way, you can bring the beautiful and generous autumn into your home, with the help of wheat wreaths.

autumn wheat ears

It’s not difficult to make your wheat wreath yourself. You should only place bunches of wheat stalks around the crown as if it tiled. That is, with the heads of each bunch you will cover the ends of the stem of the previous one, wrapping the layers with florist wire to fix them.

Simple and original wreath with ears of wheat for the door

simple wheat ears wreath

Centerpieces are statement pieces that are never missing from any décor of any season. You can build a wheat candle centerpiece. Start with a ceramic plate or tray. Place a pillar candle in a glass that is taller than the candle. Then put ears of wheat around the glass tied with a ribbon.

ears of wheat bouquets

Or you can place the glass with the candle inside another container a little wider and shorter to place the wheat in it. Of course, there are many ideas for centerpieces. But this is one of the easiest and fastest to do. Of course, with the many images that we offer you and your creativity, you will be able to create an original centerpiece according to your space.

ears of wheat coffee table

Remember that you can also use wheat and mix it with other decorative elements typical of the fall season. As are decorative pumpkins, acorns, leaves, pine cones, and more. Now some of you may be wondering, How can you preserve wheat stalks? Well, first of all, you must collect them.

Great fall flower arrangement with lots of ears of wheat

ears of wheat big bouquet

Once collected, you must clean them, being very careful, since being wild plants you may have insects. So it is better if you can clean the stems outside. The way to clean your stalks is to go through each axis of wheat removing all the lower leaves, discarding any broken or discolored stalks.

ears of wheat mantelpiece

Once you have finished removing the leaves, place the ends of the stem in water, keeping the tips dry. Clean each stem with a soft cloth trying not to break them. When you finish cleaning each stem, set them aside in a single layer on a towel for a few hours to dry.

ears of wheat garnish

Once the stems are dry, group them by holding the bottom of each section of grain between your thumb and finger. Usually, 20 stems are grouped per bundle. Put one elastic around the stems and a second elastic lower. Trim the ends evenly.

vintage wheat ears

Now hang them seed side down for one to four weeks until dry. We hope this article has inspired you to make your fall decoration with a beautiful arrangement of wheat and other elements of the season.

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