• Flowerpot decorated like a watermelon - easy crafts
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    Easy spring crafts: 20 ideas for good weather

    If you start to sneeze it is a sign that spring has arrived. The birds fly high, the sun warms on the terraces of the bars and parks and everything is full of flowers and a lot of colors. But … does the same thing happen inside your house? Have you already prepared yourself to fill your house with light and color? Well, don’t worry because today we bring you a good variety of easy spring crafts to celebrate the good weather. 1. Watermelon flowerpot Give a tropical touch to your plants with making them a flower pot decorated as fruits. In this image, they have made a watermelon flower…

  • Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps
    DIY Projects

    Homemade decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps

    Now that the decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps are fashionable. I propose to make these funny soaps with string. Then you can give or use as a decorative object in your own bathroom. Although it may seem that they are difficult to manufacture at home, it is really a very simple process. Actually, it’s not making artwork, but a detailed DIY Project. Of course, you need to choose the fragrances and colors that you like. The result is a spectacular and above all, economic glycerin hand soap. Necessary materials ♦ a colorless glycerin block (available at craft stores)♦ fragrances for soap (essential oils) and colorants (optional)♦ containers of different shapes…

  • Teapot cover
    DIY Projects

    Knit covers for almost everything

    Some ideas to knit for the days that you don’t want to leave home at all unless it is necessary. As you can see, you can cover almost everything by knitting. For tea addicts We propose a simple and fun manual: make some knitted covers for the teapot. The English, the most addicted of all, have baptized them with the name of “tea cozy”. It is a lovely little coat so that tea stays hot longer. The first option is more informal. Cover is topped with three funny pompoms made with different color wool . The second is more classic, but it isn’t without charm. It was done with raw…