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    15 original ideas for decoration with buttons

    In this article, I present a series of ideas to use buttons as a decorative element. Did you hear about decoration with buttons? Don’t you know where to start? No problem! Don’t miss a word! Decoration with buttons is a simple and inexpensive way to create new environments or give a new life to objects that you have at home. Keep reading and amaze with the dozens of button applications in the world of decoration. 1. LINK YOUR WALLS WITH BUTTONS Go ahead and line a whole wall with colored buttons. If you prefer you can choose just a portion or even create an abstract composition. 2. CREATE CURTAINS WITH…

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    17 crafts with decorative Pebbles

    The crafts with decorative pebbles are trendy. More and more people are making this DIY trend that consists of paint stones to decorate. Whether with paint or markers suitable for crafts of this type, decorating stones is a trend worth talking about. The result of these stones to decorate is really beautiful. Here we present 17 examples in photos of handicrafts with decorative stones, let’s see them! 17 crafts with decorative stones 1. Crafts with decorative pebbles in the shape of cactus Converting simple stones into beautiful decorative cactuses is very simple. We just have to paint pebbles, choosing the largest ones. Green, white, red and lime can be suitable for…

  • decorate with candles
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    5 irresistible tips to decorate with candles

    Our home is much more than a place to live; It is a corner of the world where we feel ourselves, in peace and harmony. So, to achieve that sense of tranquility is very advisable to decorate with candles. The candles provide a lot of peace; also, the light of its flame makes the environment more relaxing. For example, nothing better than to get home after a hard day of work and lie on the sofa to listen to music by candlelight; The feeling of peace and tranquility is practically instantaneous. How to decorate with candles? Here we tell you some secrets to decorate with candles. -Candles in jars Currently,…

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    Barn Wood Ideas For Bathroom! Farmhouse Decor Style!!

    Today’s theme is the use of barn wood in bathrooms. If you like farmhouse decoration, you will love these ideas. The rustic texture of the reclaimed wood recently attracts us all. Of course, this wood can be used in every room in the farmhouse concept, but today we will look at the use of the bathrooms especially. Use of wood in bathrooms is quite common. With this décor, you can get a modern and rustic look. General Use In Bathroom Let us give you a few hints before leaving you with great pictures. If your bathroom is small, you can try to use the reclaimed wood in details instead of…