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    Trend! Decorate with terracotta – Ideas to decorate

    We tell you how to decorate with terracotta, a trend that returns strongly to our homes. Warm colors, such as browns, once again appear strongly in the decorative scene and especially in terracotta. But not only in the form of paint but in all its varied options it becomes one of the most desired elements to decorate homes this winter. Decorating with terracotta is back in fashion. Whether for floors or for walls with warm colors but also in pots and all kinds of decorations.  It is a color full of strength and life that will bring much warmth to any environment as well as personality. That’s why today we…

  • Original children's rooms
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    Original children’s rooms or how to get the WOW effect

    Are you decorating or renovating the children’s bedroom? Because today we have a post that you will love. Original, different, creative children’s rooms. We bring you a lot of inspiration from where you can take excellent ideas. The latest environments of home decoration offer us many trends that we can adapt perfectly to children’s bedrooms and get that exclusive touch we are looking for. You accompany us to know them? Original children’s rooms We tell you how to decorate original children’s rooms and get a WOW effect. Run away from boring spaces and give way to sensations. Add personality to white children’s bedrooms with simple ideas. Animate the spaces of…

  • Children's rooms in white
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    Children’s rooms in white + 20 PHOTOS

    Today we dedicate our post to the children’s rooms in white. But before starting this virtual tour for several environments for children, decorated in this color, we tell you some keys. First of all, if you are considering using white as the base of your decoration you are lucky. Because this color never goes out of style. It doesn’t occur the same with other tones that are trending during a rather short amount of time. You know white in the decoration is popular. It is also very important that using white as a base in children’s decoration will get a lot of light and spaciousness. Therefore, it is perfect for…

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    6 keys to an industrial vintage decoration that you’ll love

    Let’s see the 6 keys to industrial vintage decoration. A style that little by little has been gaining ground. The industrial style was born when abandoned industrial spaces such as warehouses or offices began converted into homes in the 50s. First by a simple need and by its low costs, later becoming a fashion and a new style of its own that we know today as lofts. These are diaphanous spaces where divisions are reduced to the maximum and decoration to a minimum giving prominence to the basic materials and structures of the building. The industrial vintage recovers elements of the industrial era to give them a new life. Let’s…

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    Bohemian style – Useful tips and ideas

    Do you want a more artistic and free-spirited space, but you never had the courage to try it? Then 2019 could be your year to acquire an exciting bohemian style, as it is almost always among the trends of this year’s siaeño and almost every year. One of the characteristics of the bohemian style is that it is about finding what is unique, fun, interesting, artistic and relaxed for a home. Bohemian style in the interior design For example, the bohemian style tends to highlight bright colors, complex prints, unique furniture and anything that makes a space unusual. Because of these elements, each boho style has its own unique look.…