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Wall covering of bedrooms – 50 ideas

Would you like to renew the look of your bedroom? In today’s article, we will talk about the Wall cladding of bedrooms and we will also see some of the most current trends in terms of paintings and wallpapers for the wall take ideas from our collection of fifty spectacular models.

Wall covering for bedrooms

paper wall painted earth moon

Nowadays, painted wallpaper surprises us with endless possibilities. Due to the technological advancement we have experienced today, it is possible to find a wallpaper of any color and shape, but the most novel of this material may be the visual effects it is capable of creating. Any photograph can be enlarged and converted into our custom wall design.

Decorative vinyl for bedrooms

wallcovering vinyl love

Another very successful option is the placement of decorative vinyl stickers. They are easy to use and do not get dirty, they do not need special glues or adhesives as they are sold ready for use. As for the designs of the stickers, in the market, we can find a host of different models for every taste.

Decorate walls with vinyl

headboard bed wall vinyl

We will see that in many of the designs of rooms for adults is intended to give importance to the bed highlighting the wall where the headboard is. Some choose to contrast the area using more intense colors for the wall, others opting for wide and striking headboards.

Wallpaper with vertical bands

fourth style luxurious wall bands

This bedroom presents/displays a design of classic and noble style. The back wall is decorated with wallpaper with vertical bands in neutral tones that combine perfectly with the rest of the elements of the room creating a refined and classy atmosphere.

Wallpaper with relief effect

decoration neutral colors wall paper

Also in neutral tones with a note of pale greenish yellow is the design of the next bedroom, but in this case with a more current air. Here we find a wallpaper that creates the optical illusion of relief and also provides a touch of freshness thanks to the plant motifs that appear in the curtains and bed linens.

Wallpaper with 3d effect

bedroom baby hearts quilted 3d

The children and youth rooms are perhaps the spaces that most need intense colors and fun shapes. In this fabulous baby bedroom highlights the decoration of the wall by its original design of three-dimensional photography that encourages viewers to touch the wall to make sure it is not really padded.

Wall covering children’s bedrooms

bedroom baby wall color blue

In the next photograph, another baby bedroom design appears, but in this case, it has vinyl stickers of funny aliens glued on the wall painted blue. Here the atmosphere is quieter and less overloaded, a clear example of minimalist decoration.

Wall decoration with the marine world theme

children's bedroom stickers marine world

If we put vinyl stickers on the white wall the contrast will always be more intense, as is the case of this children’s room with blue vinyl of marine motifs. This is a great way to add colors and textures to the spaces without subtracting from the lighting, in addition, the small ones of the home will enjoy a lot having a bedroom with their favorite themes or characters.

Laminated wood for walls

bedroom style modern wood walls

Finally, it is worth mentioning the current tendency to coat the walls of the bedrooms with natural-looking materials, such as natural stone or wood. Whether with laminates of similes or with solid pieces, the most modern interior designs tend to seek neutrality and relaxation of the mind thanks to the calm environment.

Youth bedroom with wood laminate

Youth bedroom laminated white wall

Finally, we want to add that the white color is the best choice for small spaces and with little natural lighting. The “all white” bedroom designs are a variant of the minimalist style that focuses on the needs of people and their freedom of movement.

Bright colors for juvenile bedrooms

youth bedroom wall red wardrobe

If you want to fill your bedroom with life and joy you can make a lining of the walls with bright and vibrant colors using wallpaper or paint that covers the surface well. Besides the color of the walls, you can also combine it with the colors of the furniture and with the other decorative details.

Gray bedroom wall with white panel

luxurious gray wall bedroom

You have to bear in mind that one of the most elegant and elegant ways of decorating the walls not only of the living rooms but also of the bedrooms is the panels. You can opt for white panels when the walls are of another color that will help you create original contrasts and you can also choose a design panel.

Headboard wall with embossed effect

modern style bedroom black color

On the other hand, the panels with relief are also very original and original and you can choose these panels to decorate the apprentices and also for the headboards of your bed in the bedrooms. However, you have to bear in mind that the color of these is key to making interesting and modern combinations.

Design of walls with different shapes and textures

modern style picture dog bedroom

On the other hand, the originality can also be introduced in your home with panels with forms that contrast each other or you can also opt for similar shapes and motifs so that you can combine them in this way. The paintings are also very appropriate to complete the decoration of the bedrooms.

Neutral colors for bedroom walls

bedroom modern gray wood style

On the other hand, neutral tones can be used to decorate the interiors to make a natural decoration. Besides these tones will also serve to fill the interior with light and you can add some lamps that will complete the image of your bedroom.

Wallpaper with different patterns

design bedroom paper wall flower

The prints can also be used to decorate the walls of the bedrooms. Also for these prints, you can use wallpaper or you can also choose some panels. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that they look great on the wall behind the bed.

bedroom modern style mix colors

children's bedroom wall green stars

Modern style bedroom pistachio green

bedroom decoration paper wall brown

Regal style bedroom green walls

sunny bedroom wall wood headboard

super bedroom brick wall seen

super design bedroom wall relief

double room green color

laminate wood modern flooring wall

quarter gray concrete wall

original design paper wall shapes

original design paper wall pixels

paper wall flowers black quarter

paper wall motifs red flowers

paper wall clovers blacks gold

wallpaper wall headboard bed

white brick wall

wall laminate headboard wood blocks

wall concrete headboard gray color

paper wall bedroom green olive

bedroom design celestial wall

modern walls violet gray

wall color gray modern style

wall headboard wood bed floor

bed wall painting oil bed

wallcovering paper

vinyl tree wallcovering

wall covering stickers circles

luxurious wall covering

wall covering relief headboard

wall covering bedroom baby bear

industrial style wallcovering

31 Ideas For Room Decoration With Paper Flowers

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Today’s ideas are fantastic and can come to you on multiple occasions. Ideas to decorate with paper flowers, a simple and cheap project. You also have to your advantage that the internet is full of great tutorials about the construction of paper flowers. You will find them mostly in any blog with ideas for decorating your wedding, as decorating the rooms, tables, or photocall with this type of flowers is fashionable. Also in places dedicated to the decoration of parties in general, as they are used both for children’s birthdays and baby showers or celebrations of all kinds. We dedicate today’s article especially to decorate our homes with paper flowers. Although we have also added a bit of inspiration for parties. We warn you, this paper flowers can be addictive, we start with a flower and fill a wall!

Decorate the living room with paper flowers

The idea of ​​decorating with paper flowers is perfect for a first home. On many occasions, we run out of budget before finishing the project. It is normal, since much more important is to invest in facilities, quality appliances, or furniture. That is why, before finishing, the budget for the decoration may have vanished. If it is your case do not leave your home empty, look at everything you can do with paper flowers in your living room.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a perfect resource to decorate the frame of a mirror. It will completely change its appearance and will look as original as possible. You can convert a simple model into an exclusive piece, like the one in the top photo.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

If you dare, we recommend a combination of bright and bold colors for muted or neutral colors for the walls of your living room.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Look for that cool touch on top of the fireplace.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

A single flower of giant size can become the center of attention in your living room.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

And the advantage of these flowers is that they do not pass. In any case, you will have to pass the duster to remove the dust. And they will last you a long time.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

We love panels full of pieces. As we have said before, this decoration is very cheap. To make them you will need colored cards and glue (the hot glue works better). These materials are very economical, so the number of flowers to make will depend on your tastes.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Another advantage is the total customization in terms of colors and designs. We advise you to do some first test models. Check how they stay in the room before buying the rest of the material, because although it is very cheap, you will need many cards if you want a large floral panel.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

And one last tip: if you do not want to ruin your walls it is recommended that you mount your design on a panel, table or canvas. It works very well the wood veneer since it is rigid and weighs little.

Decorate the hallway with paper flowers

Imagine other places in your home where you can install flowers, we recommend other rooms, such as the hall.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

If your hall is painted in a dark tone, choose a light shade for your flowers, so you will create a striking contrast.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

And again we see the option of giant flowers in a vase. Perfect if you do not want to stick anything on the walls, or make holes, and equally decorative.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Your flowers can be protected in a frame. This must be of deep design so that they do not squeeze.

Do you need more ideas for hallways, lets check our post about Decorating Hallways With Pallets

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Decorating kitchens with paper flowers

Even your kitchen can change its appearance with paper flowers. Decorate the breakfast nook, the wall of the cupboard, etc …

Decorating With Paper Flowers
Decorating With Paper Flowers

Rooms decorated with paper flowers

But if there is a place where the paper flowers succeed, they are the rooms. Main bedrooms, children’s rooms or baby rooms. We show you inspiring examples of ideas to decorate rooms with paper flowers.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

We love them placed on the headboard of the bed or on the crib. In the children’s rooms of girls are fantastic.

Decorating With Paper Flowers
Decorating With Paper Flowers
Decorating With Paper Flowers

And in baby rooms, they help create an elegant atmosphere.

Decorating With Paper Flowers

Festivities decorated with paper flowers

And we could not finish our article without talking about the parties decorated with large paper flowers. Any type of event is ideal to add your flowers whenever you are looking for a feminine style design. Children’s birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, graduation parties or a special meeting.

Decorating With Paper Flowers
Decorating With Paper Flowers

And also to decorate any exhibition or showcase. We had the intention of adding some flowers and as you will see we were thrilled with the project. For the occasion, we combine cardboard roses with white flowers of tissue paper and green leaves to create contrast. All mounted on wood veneer.

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